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Crie Suzuki Construction Co., Ltd. Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture “Home SDGs Project” Part 2 Dreams come true!? commercialized. 100 items aiming for sustainable “Home SDGs Reform +”!

Crie Suzuki Construction Co., Ltd.
[Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture “Home SDGs Project” 2nd] Dreams come true!? commercialized. 100 items aiming for sustainable “Home SDGs Reform +”!
I wish I had a family and everyone! But it takes shape. Fun, prepared, home, community, and the earth A collection of ideas for SDGs housing and living that “no one will be left behind”

Crie Suzuki Construction Co., Ltd. (Location: Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director: Kazunori Suzuki) is the second of the “Home SDGs Project” that implements sustainable initiatives that anyone can do, which is exciting for the family and friendly to the wallet. As, January 2023, I wish everyone was there! Start “Home SDGs Reform +” that will take shape. For more information, we plan to distribute it from time to time on our LINE official account. [Image 1

I wish I had everyone! takes shape Home SDGs Renovation +
■What is “Home SDGs Reform +”?
“Home SDGs Renovation +” is a renovation and living idea that enhances the SDGs performance of the entire house, such as safety, energy saving, comfort, convenience, barrier-free, playfulness, and planning of the building and living space.
■ Why are you reforming to SDGs?
By the way, why is “reform” in “SDGs”? “It is closely related to the social problems facing Japan today.”
◆ Declining birthrate, aging population, rising vacant house rate, and SDGs society
Japan’s social problems, such as the declining birthrate and aging population, and the rising rate of vacant houses, cannot be solved by continuing to build high-performance new homes. This is because the low-performance houses that were built long ago remain, and they have not led to a reduction in the energy consumption of society as a whole. In other words, even if we continue to increase the number of high-performance new buildings, we will not be able to achieve the SDGs society that we are aiming for.
So, should we increase the number of “high-performance renovations” that renovate old houses? There is a big merit such as “a house that is difficult to live in has high performance”. However, new
construction and renovation are options limited to households and generations that are relatively economically comfortable. In short, “high-end renovation” is a challenging choice for seniors, singles, and families with limited financial resources.
[Image 2

Social issues and home SDGs renovation +
◆ The answer is “Leave no one behind. Yes, we can.”
What is necessary to aim for an SDGs society. It’s the idea of ​​”leave no one behind”. It is important that “anyone can start immediately” and “there are options and can choose freely (on their own)” rather than creating housing that is only possible for those who can afford it.
Anyone can learn quickly. “Home SDGs Reform +” is about making things together, choosing what you can do, and putting it into practice. ■ About the 8 characteristics of SDGs housing
There are 8 characteristics of the SDGs housing that Kurie Suzuki Construction considers. Safety, energy saving, comfort, convenience, barrier-free, playfulness, planning and sharing.
In order to increase the number of renovations that enhance the SDGs performance of our homes, we should start by doing what we can. That is the first step towards an SDGs society.
[Image 3

8 characteristics of SDGs housing
We are considering the following specific points.
Safety: earthquake resistance, fire resistance, durability, disaster prevention, crime prevention
Energy saving: thermal insulation, heat insulation, cold insulation, power saving, water saving, energy saving equipment, renewable energy Comfort: temperature and humidity control, air purification, light and wind environment, health, beauty, sleep
Convenience: Ease of housework, organization, internet environment, smart equipment, apps, collection of disused items, housekeeping services
Barrier-free: movement, line of flow, movement, steps, opening and closing of openings, communication, pet-friendly
Playfulness: excitement, memories, favorites, hobbies, favorite things, enjoyment of life
Planability: insurance, guarantee, risk countermeasures, maintenance plans, ideas for saving
Share: Ambassador, alliance, information sharing, reduction of environmental impact, positive impact on neighborhood

■ …but don’t know where to start?
A reform that enhances the SDGs performance of your home? Well, I think it’s better to do it, but I don’t know where to start~” Isn’t that the honest point?
If it’s a newly built house, there are many things you can do, such as looking at the catalog of the house maker, looking at the website and making inquiries, but it’s hard to find the “SDGs Home” pamphlet. Also, when it comes to remodeling, the circumstances of each home are different.
Something like a ′′ Catalog ′′ that can be a ′′ role model ′′ like an ′′ idea book ′′ of home sdgs.
“Home SDGs Renovation +” is such an “idea book for SDGs renovation”. CLIE SUZUKI CONSTRUCTION aims to give form to everyone’s ideas and create an “idea book” together.

■ I wish I had everyone! × Realize “Home SDGs Reform +” with professional experience and technical skills
In the “Home SDGs Project” promoted by Crie Suzuki Construction, as part of the activities, workshops and training will be held to learn, know, and practice the SDGs as a family. In addition, we will give shape to the ideas of “I wish I had this!” born from the information exchange in the “Home SDGs Lab” and support the realization with “experience and technical capabilities” of CLIE SUZUKI CONSTRUCTION. [Image 4

Realized ideas will be introduced on the homepage of Kurie Suzuki Construction. You can see it as an idea book of “SDGs Reform” that everyone’s “I wish I had!”

■ Features of “Home SDGS Reform +”
“Home SDGs Reform +” has the following features.
Ideas for renovation and living born from everyone’s “I wish I had!” Be yourself, first “enjoy”, then “know and learn”, and then “practice” Aim for 100 items! “Home SDGs Product Development Office (tentative name)” is also being planned
1. Renovation and living ideas born from everyone’s wish
In everyday life, I think there are scenes like this when you say, “I wish I had this!”
CLIE SUZUKI CONSTRUCTION believes that giving shape to such “wish it exists!” will lead to a comfortable, safe and secure life. A collection of ideas for such reforms and living is “Home SDGs Reform +”.
2. “Know, learn” and “practice” while having fun, being yourself To be sustainable, it is important to have fun. In order to enjoy my future life, I will learn what an SDGs home is like and give shape to what I can do and ideas that I can continue.
While providing such an exciting experience that “the idea we came up with will be commercialized”, you can choose the “SDGs reform that suits your home” by yourself.
In addition, Kurie Suzuki Construction supports small renovations and DIY projects based on the knowledge of the SDGs. Of course, we are also very welcome to consult on large-scale renovations and reforms. 3. Aim for 100 items! “Home SDGs Product Development Office (tentative name)” is also being planned
The “Home SDGs Product Development Office (tentative name)” develops with the goal of 100 items that everyone wants to have.
Zero gasoline and utility bills is not a dream!?
A home that delights dogs and cats and is friendly to people, “Wanwan Nyan Nyan Renovation” (scheduled to be announced in March 2023) I’m in trouble with my PC/Internet! “Home IT Doctor Service” (scheduled to be announced in April 2023)
The members of the “Home SDGs Lab” and the ideas of our customers will continue to take shape!
■ Target area: Area around Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture (mainly Abiko City, Kashiwa City, Kamagaya City, Shiroi City, Nagareyama City, Matsudo City)
■ Implementation period From January 2023
■ How to solicit ideas
Ideas born from workshops and training initiatives in the “Home SDGs Lab”, information dissemination via chat, free discussions, and conversations with customers who requested general public recruitment (planned) and work In some cases, we commercialize the ideas that come out in the process.
■ The announcement of the new “Home SDGs Reform +” is…
Project information will be announced on our website (home page/blog) and press releases as needed, but to ensure that you receive the information, please visit our official LINE account
( is certain.
[Image 5

LINE Official Account
【Company Profile】
[Image 6

Kazunori Suzuki, Representative Director
Company name: Crie Suzuki Construction Co., Ltd.
Established: December 7, 1994
Address: 875-3 Masuo, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture
Representative Director: Kazunori Suzuki
Joined Crie Suzuki Construction Co., Ltd. in 2000. Become a managing director after gaining on-site experience. In 2015, when he was a managing director, his biological father, the previous president, died suddenly. The sudden death of my father, who had a meeting up until the day before and was in good spirits at the scene. As the managing director and the eldest son, he is busy with formal and private inheritance procedures. At this time, he was helped by many managers and craftsmen, including friends of the previous president.
I am keenly aware that the people we can rely on in times of need are our regular, bloody relationships. As a parent of a child with disabilities himself, he advocated “creative village” with the concept of “homes and towns where all people, including the elderly and people with disabilities, can live independently, help each other, and live with peace of mind.” Together with our customers, craftsmen and staff involved in Crie Suzuki Construction Co., Ltd., we aim to create housing that enriches the “mind”, “body” and “economic efficiency” and create a society full of compassion. We aim to create a community that transcends boundaries and contribute to the local community. His specialty is the design and presentation of exciting homes.
Business description: New custom-built homes, remodeling and renovation of detached houses, remodeling and renovation of apartment complexes (condominium exclusive areas), large-scale and medium-scale wooden buildings, others (interior coordination / exterior
[Inquiries from customers]
[Image 7

LINE Official Account
Crie Suzuki Construction Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Kazunori Suzuki
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Regular holidays: Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, summer holidays
Phone number: 04-7174-8534
LINE official account ID: @crie_style
[Inquiries from the press regarding this matter]
Crie Suzuki Construction Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Kazunori Suzuki
Phone number: 04-7174-8534
Email address:
Details about this release:

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