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CROSSASIA Co., Ltd. Lucky bag 2023 Flower and fruit tea “fuacha HAPPY BAG 2023” to be enjoyed with the f ive senses Limited to 100 pieces, now accepting!

[Lucky Bag 2023] Limited to 100 “fuacha HAPPY BAG 2023”, a flower and fruit tea that you can enjoy with all five senses, now accepting! A limited quantity set of flower tea and fruit tea, all in one year’s worth of gratitude… We will deliver all of fuacha’s present in a lucky bag.

From “fuacha” of CROSSASIA Co., Ltd. (Location: Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director: Shinnei Shinohara), “fuacha HAPPY BAG 2023” lucky bag (5,860 yen including tax) is on sale. The contents are an assortment of all series equivalent to the list price of 8,000 yen. It is available for a limited time until December 31st (Saturday) (limited to 100 pieces, so it will end as soon as it runs out).
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A limited number of lucky bags containing everything from fuacha flower tea and fruit tea to yuzu pu-erh tea
There are only a few left this year. For fuacha, 2022 was the year the brand was born. Exhibitions and pop-up stores have opened, and the number of restaurants handling our products has increased, and we have begun to provide products to major food manufacturers. Thanks to you, many people use it regularly. Therefore, we have prepared a lucky bag with our daily gratitude to everyone.
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The lucky bags are fuacha’s flower teas (rose, jasmine, chrysanthemum, fuchsia), popular fruit tea, yuzu pu-erh tea that was very popular at the pop-up, and original blended flower tea by the owner, Nene (not normally sold). ) and an original bag, and a discount coupon is also included!
◆We packed all of fuacha now. We will deliver a lot of content! ・Flower tea “Rose flower crown tea” “Jasmine flower tea”
“Chrysanthemum tea” “Kanagi rhinoceros tea”
In order to keep the shape, color, and scent of each flower as constant as possible, we created flower tea using a unique drying method for each flower. It is a caffeine-free flower tea series that when you put it in a cup or pot and pour hot water, the petals will open and you will be surrounded by a rich aroma.
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・fruit tea
One pack contains “three treasures” that promote blood circulation: “jujube”, “wolfberry”, and “longan”. By making a habit of drinking it, it helps to create a body that feels like it is surrounded by the sun. You can also enjoy the delicious fruit after drinking. *No caffeine. [Image 4

・Yuzu pu-erh tea
The fruit is hollowed out from a fresh yuzu, filled with pu-erh tea, and then heat matured. The refreshing aroma of yuzu citrus and the rich aroma of bouerh tea are mixed together to create a deep, rich flavor.
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[Image 6

・Mariage of flower tea and tea leaves that cannot be purchased online “Original blend flower tea of ​​shopkeeper Nene”
While researching tea blends every day, we will put delicious things in lucky bags and deliver them to everyone.
〇Flower tea x fruit tea
A blend of flowers and fruits. Please enjoy the gentle taste. [Image 7

・Original bag
An original fuacha tote bag that was popular at pop-up stores. * One of “tote bag” or “drawstring bag” is included.
[Image 8

・Discount coupons that can be used at online stores
Next time, buy your favorite series at a great price!
◆ Recommended for those who want to find their favorite
If you’ve been thinking, “I’d like to drink flower tea or fruit tea, but I want to try it little by little,” or “I want my friends to know more!”… Please take this opportunity to purchase a lucky bag. [About sales]
“fuacha” happyBag online page: “2023 HAPPY BAG”
Product details: Fruit tea, rose flower tea, jasmine flower tea, chrysanthemum tea, golden tree rose flower tea, yuzu pu-erh, Nene blended flower tea, fuacha original bag, online store coupon: Content worth over 8,000 yen
Amount: 5,860 yen (tax included)
Reservation acceptance: Until Saturday, December 31, 2022
Delivery date: Until January 10, 2022
Quantity: Limited to 100 sets (will end as soon as they run out) 【About us】
Company name CROSSASIA Co., Ltd. (Cross Asia)
Established December 18, 2012
Representative Director Shinnei Shinohara
■ Inquiries from general customers
fuacha ~Flower and Fruit Tea Specialty Store~
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