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Crossmart, which promotes DX in food distribution, starts providing digital catalog creation and external publishing functions

Crossmart, which promotes DX in food distribution, starts providing digital catalog creation and external publishing functions
Contributing to more efficient sales promotions by digitizing paper catalogs
CrossSmart Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yoshifumi Terada, hereinafter “our company”), which promotes DX in food distribution, will provide digital catalog creation and external disclosure functions from December 15, 2022. We will start.
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With conventional paper product catalogs, restaurants need to order product catalogs each time, resulting in lost opportunities due to the time lag between the arrival and the time they make inquiries. For wholesalers, not only did it take a lot of man-hours to respond to inquiries, but the cost of creating product catalogs for each season was also a heavy burden.
Due to the recent corona disaster, information gathering on the Internet has become mainstream, and the shift to paperless is rapidly progressing from the perspective of reducing environmental impact and cost.
In response to this background, we have changed from the ordering platform “Cross Order”, which is used by more than 30,000 restaurants nationwide, to a new “digital Catalog Creation/External Publishing Function” has started.
About “digital catalog creation / external publication function” ・Customized product catalogs can be easily created and published on the web. You can create a digital catalog and publish it on the web from the same management screen as the cross-order used for ordering. In addition, since multiple digital catalogs can be created with different URLs, it is also possible to create catalogs that customize products for each customer. Business partners can browse from any environment, such as smartphones and PCs.
・Products can be updated at any time and a catalog with high freshness can be provided.
Unlike paper product catalogs, product updates can also be done online, so we can always provide our customers with highly up-to-date catalogs. Since it can be operated meticulously, it is also possible to post it on the homepage and SNS and use it to develop new customers and promote sales.
What is cross-order
Crossorder is a platform that connects restaurants and wholesalers. “Cross-order ordering” that promotes operational efficiency by switching from fax and telephone-based ordering operations to LINE on smartphones, “Cross-order sales promotion”, an online sales promotion function that utilizes LINE, billing that complies with the electronic book law We are developing a series of functions that digitize analog operations between restaurants and wholesalers, such as the book DX function “Cross-Order Invoice”.
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Advantages of introduction: wholesalers
(1) Reduction of labor costs by streamlining operations
(2) Creating an environment for receiving and placing orders that can also support telework
(3) Increase sales with sales promotion functions
Advantages of introduction: Restaurants
(1) Orders can be placed anytime, anywhere
(2) Notifications will also be sent to staff orders
(3) You will receive leaflets of recommended products/bargain items About cross-order:
[Image 3d44256-35-1ed0466f4c984258e9f2-2.png&s3=44256-35-76aa8887b4a7db25bd54cf56a3e73b2b-3625x1549.png
-List of cross smart affiliated companies-
[Image 4d44256-35-6c66ec6ca069709578b9-3.png&s3=44256-35-6a5a9e7d0921a2541f1d946cf11dd6da-1322x794.png
-Company Profile-
Company name: CrossSmart Co., Ltd.
Established: July 24, 2018
Representative Director: Yoshifumi Terada
Location: 1-5-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8285 Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu Sakura Street Building 3F
-Inquiries regarding this matter-
Phone: 03-4500-8221
Person in charge: Hazama
Details about this release:

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