Crowdfunding project by Tomohiro Tsuchiya, former Rakuten Golden Eagles player and current IPPO ACCURATE representative

Spotunity Inc.
Crowdfunding project by Tomohiro Tsuchiya, former Rakuten Golden Eagles player and current IPPO ACCURATE representative
“Children can do what they want to do!” Towards the realization of a baseball team will be held at Spotunity

Spotunity Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Spotunity), which develops sports-specific crowdfunding that supports teams, organizations and athletes, has launched a project to prepare a practice environment for the youth baseball team WILDGEESE BASEBALL TEAM, which is coached by Mr. Tsuchiya. We will start anew.
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1. Background of crowdfunding
A youth baseball team that anyone can challenge
This is Tomohiro Tsuchiya, the representative of IPPO ACCURATE. At my baseball school, I use my knowledge and experience as a professional baseball player and trainer to provide programs that help children who have fewer opportunities to exercise feel that sports are fun. We aim to be a classroom where physical education, intellectual education, and moral education can be realized during the important period of the growth process.
Another feature is an environment that “reduces the burden on parents and allows children who want to play baseball to play.” A traditional baseball team requires parents to cooperate with many activities, and there are children who cannot play baseball because of the burden. In order for such children to be able to play baseball, we have realized management that does not burden parents.
In March next year, we will expand our activities, such as
participating in our first foreign competition. The team has just started up and does not have enough tools and equipment. I will challenge crowdfunding to prepare a practice environment.
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2. Overview of the support recruitment project
1) Project URL *We recommend that you complete user registration in advance from the URL below.
2) Support application period
December 26, 2022 to January 31, 2023
* Due to current assumptions, the start date and end date may change. 3) Target amount
1 million yen
4) Use of funds
The support money collected in this project will be used carefully for the following purposes.
・Purchasing expenses for baseball equipment (protectors used by catchers and batters, coach uniforms, etc.)
・Expenses paid to special instructors for technical improvement ・Expenses for recruiting players and participating in tournaments ◆Usage fee is the lowest level in the industry! In addition to the generous support of the three-legged race, free coverage and article writing and PR widely!
Spotunity is looking for professionals, semi-professionals, student sports clubs, and athletes who wish to implement crowdfunding projects. Most of the crowdfunding in the world only provides the system, and we have to think about the measures by ourselves. However, at Spotunity, the “Spotunity Advisor” will carefully support the planning of the support recruitment project, the design of the return, the creation of the appeal sentence, the system registration, and the dissemination and dissemination.
In addition, a full-time writer will interview and write articles on the user team for free. You can gather support by using these articles as material for dissemination and diffusion. For more information, please visit (
◆ We are looking for partners for column articles!
At Spotnity, we aim to shine a spotlight on sports, teams, athletes, staff/behind the scenes, and fans that usually receive little spotlight, and deliver their stories and passion to the world.
We are looking for partners and collaborative media with this Spotunity column. For more information, please contact us
Examples of partnerships so far) Yahoo! News, NTT Docomo Menu, SmartNews, Sports Bull, etc.
[Company/organization overview]
◆ Spotunity Inc.
Location: Sagami Building 2F, 7-13-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 2016
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter:
Overview: Based on the philosophy of “Sports x Opportunity”, foster equal opportunities and dreams through “giving opportunities for young people to take on challenges”, “supporting sports organizations that give young people dreams”, and “revitalizing rural areas through sports”. A venture company that provides crowdfunding specializing in sports, aiming to create an environment. Founding members are classmates who studied at GLOBIS Graduate School of Management, and most of the members are MBA students.
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