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CUBE Co., Ltd. 25th anniversary audition “Please come as you are” Grand Prix announced! Discovering a newcomer who will shoulder the work as a future leading actress

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CUBE Co., Ltd. 25th anniversary audition “Please come as you are” Grand Prix announced! Discovering a newcomer who will shoulder the work as a future leading actress

Announcement of audition grand prix to discover actresses aiming for future leading roles
Cube Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroyuki Kitamaki) has been holding newcomer discovery auditions for half a year since July 2022 as a project to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its founding.
On December 10th, Seiko Ito and First Summer Uika acted as moderators at the final judging held in Tokyo, and Arata Furuta participated in the performance judging, watching over the birth of a newcomer. The Grand Prix winner will receive the right to appear in a video work starring Kohei Matsushita and a prize of 1 million yen as a
supplementary prize.
■ An audition that can challenge even inexperienced people in acting, dancing and singing
Our company’s audition theme “Come as you are” is open to all young people who want a place where they can make the most of their individuality, even those who have never taken lessons such as acting, dancing, or singing. It expresses the desire to make it an audition. As per this theme, about 4000 unique applicants from 12 to 19 years old gathered for this audition from all over the country.
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■ Eleven finalists passed the third screening
In this audition, the second screening was held at 6 locations nationwide, a total of 9 venues, and about 1000 candidates were screened face-to-face.
A workshop was held in the form of a training camp for the 3rd judging, and as a result, 11 finalists were selected.
■ Grand Prix goes to Riko Horikawa (13 years old, from Wakayama Prefecture)! Riko Horikawa was selected for the Grand Prix.
Points of selection:
“Looking at the 11 finalists from the judging process so far, they have grown like different people in the last six months, so it was hard to decide which candidate was best, and I was really at a loss. I chose her for the audition because she was the one who best suited the theme of this audition.” (Cube Co., Ltd. CEO Hiroyuki Kitamaki) In addition, Mako Yokota (15 years old, from Tokyo) and Kira McLellan (12 years old, from Aichi) won the semi-Grand Prix, and Mihona Inoue (17 years old, from Tokyo) and Yu Nakajima won the special prize. We have selected two people, Nana (14 years old, from Saitama). [Image 2d12949-2133-9bca772d00720174a570-4.jpg&s3=12949-2133-0bfb2c12cbf189fc6260aecbbca22656-3900x2600.jpg
■Riko Horikawa Grand Prix Winner’s Comment
“The special prize, second prize, and other names were called one after another, so I didn’t expect to be called at the end.From now on, I will watch a lot of dramas and movies and study a lot I want to become an actress who can play various roles.”
We hope that you will warmly watch over the future activities of the award winners.
Cube Co., Ltd.
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