Current Motor Co., Ltd. A large survey of users who are interested in old cars by the old car king! What do old car drivers find difficult when driving an old car?

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A big survey for users who are interested in old cars by the old car king! What do old car drivers find difficult when driving an old car? ~ Old car king surveys the voices of users who like old cars ~
Current Automobile Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Daisuke Egashira), which operates the “old car king” purchase service specializing in old cars, is targeting 199 people who are interested in old cars. As we carried out questionnaire about driving of this, we will tell about the findings. Survey background
I hear that old cars are fun to drive, but compared to modern cars, it seems that there are many things that are difficult, and there are many things to worry about while driving. I think many people have such an impression.
In fact, you may be wondering if there are any difficulties in driving an old car, and what you pay attention to when you ride an old car. Therefore, at Old Car King, we prepared options for driving old cars for everyone who rides old cars and conducted a survey.
Survey target
・Survey period: In-house survey
・ Survey target: 199 men and women who are interested in old cars ・ Survey period: December 15, 2022 to December 26, 2022
・Survey method: Internet survey
・Survey content: Q1. Do you have any difficulties in driving an old car? *Cars made before 2010 are defined as old cars Q2. Is there anything you should be aware of when driving an old car? *Cars made before 2010 are defined as old cars Q3. What do you use for navigation while driving?
Survey outline
Q1.Is there anything you find difficult about driving an old car? * Vehicles made before 2010 are defined as old vehicles.
[Image 1d35350-78-a5ae51504c882decdcfd-0.png&s3=35350-78-c06f9ce6eab82d819e714680c1db5648-3197x1947.png
1st place: Always worried about trouble 89 votes
2nd place: Gasoline is consumed quickly 54 votes
3rd place: Never think it’s hard 52 votes
4th place: No air conditioner (not effective) 47 votes
5th place: The headlights are dark 35 votes
* Excerpt from top 5
When I asked old car drivers what they thought was difficult about driving an old car, the most common answer was “always worried about trouble”, with 89 votes.
It can be understood that many old car drivers are worried about the troubles of their beloved car while driving. It is important to be sensitive to sounds, smells, etc. and to know the weak points of your beloved car so that you can immediately notice any abnormalities when driving an old car.
The 2nd place was “gasoline consumption is fast” with 54 votes. Compared to the latest cars, old cars have poor fuel efficiency, and even though gasoline prices have fallen slightly, they are still soaring, so expenses will increase.
It is also important to keep regular maintenance in mind, refrain from short-term operation, and improve combustion efficiency.
3rd place was “I don’t think it’s hard” with 52 votes.
Surprisingly, it turned out that there are many people who do not have a hard time riding an old car. It may be that it is not a feeling that it is difficult to ride an old car, but a big affection.
Other answers included “difficult to identify the cause of
malfunction” and “leaky hood”. It is true that open cars can be fatally injured if there are gaps or small tears, so you may not feel like going out in rainy weather.
Q2.Is there anything you pay attention to when driving an old car? * Vehicles made before 2010 are defined as old vehicles.
[Image 2d35350-78-a7f21bd59eb179a24085-1.png&s3=35350-78-152cf585c2486d047df27c06d5e532b9-3197x1946.png
1st place: Keep regular maintenance in mind 126 votes
2nd place: Do not ride on rainy days 75 votes
3rd place: Start the engine regularly even on non-running days 67 votes 4th place: Take enough warm-up time 56 votes
5th place: Driving while caring for weak points 51 votes
* Excerpt from top 5
When I asked the old car drivers what they actually pay attention to when driving, the most common answer was “Take care of regular maintenance” with 126 votes.
This is a countermeasure for “I am always worried about trouble”, which was the most common answer in Q1. It seems that many old car drivers are working hard to maintain their cars on a daily basis. The next most popular answer was “I don’t ride on rainy days” with 75 votes. Older cars have a structure with poor water drainage, and rust prevention is weak. If it rains, put it in the garage and then wipe off the water and dry it.
3rd place was “start the engine regularly even on non-running days” with 67 votes. If you leave the engine without starting it for a while, the oil will flow down and the next time you start the engine, it will be a dry start, which may put a strain on the engine system. I think there are some people who decide to run for a certain amount of time instead of just starting the engine, but it is important to avoid as much time as possible with old cars.
Other answers included “run as long as possible once a week” and “regularly run for about an hour”. It seems that some people try not only to start the engine but also to run the car regularly.
Q3.What do you use for navigation while driving?
[Image 3d35350-78-a8d8c5880541d538e369-2.png&s3=35350-78-a470d2589532cf0d33a2f01981871cf6-3093x1910.png
1st place: Smartphone (tablet) 40.6%
2nd place: In-vehicle navigation 35.5%
3rd place: Do not use 21.8%
4th: Atlas 1.0%
4th: Other 1.0%
When asked what navigation they use while driving an old car, smartphones (tablets) were the most common at 40.6%, followed by “in-vehicle navigation” at 35.5%, and the third most common answer was “do not use. ” resulted in 21.8%.
Some old cars don’t have a navigation system, and even if they do, they’re too old to use, so it seems that more people are using smartphones than installing new navigation systems. In addition, the map information on smartphones and tablets is always up-to-date, so there is no need to update it, which is convenient.
35.5% of people also use in-vehicle navigation, and in-vehicle navigation has the advantage of being easy to operate and easy to see the screen, and it does not require communication traffic compared to smartphones.
In 3rd place, 21.8% answered that they do not use the navigation itself, and it can be seen that many people do not travel long distances or drive on familiar roads.
Survey summary
In this survey, we found that many people who drive old cars are careful about the troubles of their beloved cars while driving, and many of them are doing maintenance on a daily basis.
Even if you can’t drive an old car every day, you can read that the old car has become a part of your life because you regularly start and run the engine. From the results of Q1 and Q2, it was a voting result that you can feel the affection for old cars.
Since the majority of drivers use smartphones while driving, it can be inferred that there are cases where navigation systems are not installed or are unusable. understood.
You can check past survey results from our corporate website▼
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