Da Vinci Line Co., Ltd. Compatible with the new mutant strains “Griffon” and “Basilisk” ~ “Mouth-type New Corona Antigen Test Kit” Campaign limited to Saturdays and Sundays! “Double points!” !

Da Vinci Line Co., Ltd.
Compatible with the new mutant strains “Griffon” and “Basilisk” ~ “Mouth-type ★ new corona antigen test kit” campaign limited to Saturdays and Sundays! “Double points!” !
Limited to 2 days-“Mouth-type New Corona Antigen Test Kit”-Double points! !
Over the weekend, 109,596 new cases of the new coronavirus were confirmed in Japan. The average number of new infections in the last week was 11,762, an increase of 25% from the previous week. The temperature will drop from next week, and the number of infected people will increase rapidly as it gets colder.
At the Takesho Shop, we will carry out a double point campaign for two days only on Saturdays and Sundays for the “Mouth type ★ new corona antigen test kit”, so please take this opportunity to purchase it. *Orders for antigen test kits have increased significantly this week, and we shipped 9,000 kits a day, even on Saturday. Please purchase only the necessary amount so that we can deliver test kits to as many people as possible.
–Campaign Overview–
Period: December 3rd (Sat)-December 4th 23:00 (Sun)
Contents: Double points campaign
Target product: “Mouth type New Corona antigen test kit”
[Image 1

◆ Sales record of 200 million tests in 120 countries around the world ◆ As a result of numerous clinical trials, it can be determined with 99% accuracy.
(Sensitivity 98.16% Specificity 100% Accuracy 99.08)
◆ Anyone can easily test (test results after 30 minutes are invalid) ◆Can be tested with this kit alone, no special test equipment required [Image 2

The number of users of the [CORONAVI] site with which we are affiliated exceeded 2.5 million.
CORONAVI issues its own test result notification free of charge within the same day at the earliest.
Please use it for everyday life and business scenes.
It does not contain personally identifiable information.
[Image 3d58530-327-2f68894fa86179e19522-2.jpg&s3=58530-327-960e8f0f638d478377a206d8a4d5aa21-900x900.jpg
◆ Click here to issue a notice https://coronavi19.jp/
*This product is not an in-vitro diagnostic drug based on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law.
*This product is intended for research purposes only. Do not use test results for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.
*Product design is subject to change without notice.
■ Ordering products
Order: https://ec.takesho.shop/
CORONAVI: https://coronavi19.jp/h/
Questions: info@takesho.shop
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