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Deaiwo’s “Deaiwo Biyo Eki Cream” and “Deaiwo Special Cream” won two awards in the “Omotenashi Selection” selected by foreigners living in Japan.

Deaiwo Co., Ltd.
Deaiwo’s “Deaiwo Biyo Eki Cream” and “Deaiwo Special Cream” won two awards in the “Omotenashi Selection” selected by foreigners living in Japan.
Deaiwo Brand Concept ~Be gentle with your life~

While inheriting tradition and craftsmanship, we evaluate creative and ingenious activities that repeatedly improve for the present age based on the criteria of “OMOTENASHI” and “GLOBAL”.
Deaiwo Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; CEO: Miho Deai), which develops the Deaiwo brand, sells “Deaiwo Biyo Eki Cream” and “Deaiwo Special Cream”, OMOTENASHI NIPPON (Operating company: ENGAWA Co., Ltd.) We were awarded the “OMOTENASHI Selection 2022” by the actual product examination by foreign experts living in Japan. [Image 1d105024-3-17be046701b863fc9189-0.png&s3=105024-3-282756c890c414792cd4bb6711be2663-1000x777.png
A smooth and smooth texture that overturns the concept of cream. Together with a researcher who is dedicated to cosmetics research, we have been particular about the formulation, with the hope that we can continue to use it ourselves and that our precious family and friends will use it for a long time so that it will be close to their lives. Two finished serum creams. Regardless of gender, age, or nationality, it is characterized by a scent that everyone will want to use, a feeling of use, and an extremely simple container that blends into a part of life.
[Image 2d105024-3-e305518bb26b51eb9a94-1.jpg&s3=105024-3-bb22af0a64f56ab7c22799976e55daac-2508x1672.jpg
Deaiwo Serum Cream & Deaiwo Special Cream
◆ Evaluation from a foreign selection member (as it is in the evaluation text) Deai Wo Eki Cream / Dei Wo Special Cream
“It’s a wonderful Japanese beauty product, and you can feel the consideration for users. The simple and clean packaging is
attractive.” (Hong Kong/Woman)
“Cosmetics that use human stem cells are a modern trend, but I think they require a high level of technical skill, so I think that’s what makes them attractive. I think it’s a good appeal point because it’s different from other manufacturers. When I actually used it, it was creamy but had a smooth feeling and was easy to use.” (Taiwan/Male) “Japanese skin care products are known overseas for their superior quality and highly effective ingredients. I think it’s attractive that it contains rare ingredients that are not often used in other creams on the market.” (Indian woman)
“Since the container is based on silver and white colors, it gives a very sophisticated impression, and I think it is elegant and wonderful. It is attractive that it contains.Light and non-sticky, easy on the skin, and the scent is delicate.However, the combination of white and silver container is very good, but the font on which it is written is very difficult to read I was worried about the point.Since the white letters are thin and inconspicuous, some people may feel that the lines of the letters are too thin and difficult to read.” (Filipino woman)
“I think it’s convenient and innovative to have a cream that makes the skin healthy and that can be used by the whole family. It doesn’t take up much space in the washstand, and the texture, scent, and feel of use are suitable for specific genders and ages. It was very
comfortable to use without being biased.You can feel the innovation in aiming for a product that everyone can use, not for a niche layer.It can be used by the whole family, so each individual product is available I don’t need it, and I think it’s good for the
environment.It’s also convenient that you don’t have to buy separate products for each part, such as face, eyes, neck, etc. It contains good anti-inflammatory ingredients. I think many people will be interested in it.” (American man)
“I think it’s a very unique product because it uses newly developed ingredients and there is no other product that contains the same ingredients. The cream penetrates more slowly than I expected. You can feel it going, it’s very comfortable to use, and the scent is wonderful.” (Argentina/Male)
“I feel that this is a product of very high quality, and it seems to be highly effective. It uses newly developed ingredients, so I think many people would like to try it. The packaging is minimalistic and nice, but I find the white letters on the container hard to read.” (Brazil/Woman)
“I think it’s a unique product that responds to modern needs through cutting-edge scientific research. I was surprised to see that my skin’s firmness improved even after using it for a few days. This product made me realize that results come with it.” (Sweden/Woman) “This product can be used by people of all ages, genders, and nationalities, and it is easy to use, and I was able to feel the moisture in my skin, so I think many people will want to use it in the future. I’m sorry, but there are many men who are not familiar with it, so I think that more people will be happy if you send out information such as how to care for it.There is an English version on the product’s website, overseas I think it’s wonderful that people can easily read it, but it might be better to ask a professional translator to translate the English or have it checked by a native speaker.” (Male, France)
“The product has a very nice texture and a pleasant scent. It spreads well and blends well with the skin. It is based on excellent research, it softens the skin and I think it is a very good cream. Such a product I think it is important to use it for a long time, but I think there are many people who would like to use it on a daily basis.” (Romanian woman)
“It’s a product that uses innovative technology and new ingredients, and the idea that anyone can use it regardless of age, gender, or nationality is very interesting.” (Bulgarian woman)
“I feel that the cream is very smooth and gentle on the skin. It penetrates quickly into the skin, and after a few applications, it becomes smooth. I can feel the high standard of Japanese beauty and skin care products, which is wonderful. I think it’s a product.” (Italy/Male)
“Both the serum and the cream have very good textures, and I think the concept is wonderful. It is said that there are various excellent effects, such as ingredients that are good for anti-inflammatory, so it is perfect for people who like simple skin care. I think it’s a great product.I’m also grateful that it can be used by all skin types and ages.The price is high, but considering the research results and effects, I think it’s worth it.It’s familiar with the skin.
Personally, I really like it, so I think there are people who feel the same way.I think it will be a popular product in Japan.”(New Zealand/Woman)
“I think it’s a cream that blends easily into the skin, makes the skin smooth, and has an anti-aging effect. The container looks nice, so I think it would make a great gift. I think the price is a little high.” (UK/Male)
“I think it’s an excellent product that addresses the concerns of many women because it moisturizes and lengthens the skin’s tone and texture.” (Singapore/woman)
“Skincare products are being developed all over the world, but I think Japan is bringing about various innovations to maintain health and beauty. I think that this cream is very innovative because it uses moisturizing ingredients that have been used for a long time. I think that there are many people who feel that it is not only safe but also reliable in efficacy.” (Philippines/Male)
What is OMOTENASHI Selection?
The Omotenashi Selection is an award established in 2015 with the aim of discovering excellent Japanese products and services that are full of the spirit of hospitality and disseminating them to the world. It is operated by more than 20 private companies, and for certification, a foreign expert living in Japan conducts an actual inspection. Evaluate the creative and ingenious activities that are born from the heart of caring for the people who use them, and the activities of originality and ingenuity that continue to improve for the modern age while inheriting tradition.
We certify products and services that have been recognized as “full of charm unique to Japan that we want to share with the world” as Omotenashi Selection award-winning products and services.
◆ Deaiwo Co., Ltd.
Company name: Deaiwo Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-7-21 Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Representative Director: Miho Deai
Business: Cosmetics planning and sales, various product planning, production, consulting business
Established: March 18, 2021
Deaiwo is developing a skincare brand.
The brand concept is “gently snuggle up to life”
In the Deaiwo series, regardless of gender, age, or nationality, we value making products that the whole family can feel that they want to use together with their loved ones. As skincare products aimed at moisturizing the skin and aging care according to age, we sell Deaiwo Biyo Eki Cream and Deaiwo Special Cream. We are also working on the development of halal skin care cosmetic products.
Impressions of receiving the Omotenashi Selection Award
For the Deaiwo brand, which aims to create simple cosmetics that are loved by people of all ages, genders, and nationalities, we are very happy to receive this Omotenashi Selection award. The heartfelt comments from the foreign selection committee members of various nationalities were very helpful. We have taken all comments seriously, including evaluation points and points for improvement, and reaffirmed the corporate efforts that this brand should make in the future. We will continue to devote ourselves to becoming a cosmetic brand that is loved by everyone.
Deaiwo Co., Ltd. Representative Director Miho Deai
[Image 3d105024-3-fe204eccdb591d2776ab-2.jpg&s3=105024-3-c79576d8ff3fcfc24c9bd7e0e3c27758-1773x1182.jpg
Deaiwo Special Cream
[Image 4d105024-3-630962e6cfc82d81212b-4.jpg&s3=105024-3-715a9a361b1f1dc2e33dc894b0743042-1773x1182.jpg
Deaiwo Serum Cream
[Image 5d105024-3-6f0daf18c835d046a13a-5.jpg&s3=105024-3-a2ad843a04ec4c87150093c0c5bd8000-1477x1108.jpg
Deaiwo Skin Care

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