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December 16th (Friday) in Sendai Seminar for Rakuten Shop! What are the seven mistakes in search measures and what can be done immediately?

Japan EC Service Co., Ltd.
[December 16th (Friday) in Sendai] Seminar for Rakuten Shop! What are the seven mistakes in search measures and what can be done

Japan EC Service Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shohei Shimizu) will hold a Rakuten shop in December 2022 with the theme of seven mistakes that must be addressed before using advertisements. A seminar will be held in Sendai on the 16th (Friday).
[Image ■Overview
Date: Friday, December 16, 2022, 14:00-15:30
Place: Showke Main Building
Cost: 3,000 yen (tax included) Up to 2 people per company
Capacity: 30 people
Application method: Please apply from this URL.
Japan EC Service Co., Ltd. Authorized Seminar Lecturer
Ryota Ono
In 2014, he participated in Japan EC Service as an intern while studying at Waseda University. Experienced the launch of the online shop membership service “EC Masters Club” and supported more than 500 shops while attending school. He also experienced the management agency of Rakuten Ichiba, and left results such as 8 times sales in a short period of time. After graduating from university, he joined Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings as a new graduate in the information system department (SE). 80% of the participants achieved an increase in sales in the group support that exceeded 1 million yen in monthly sales planned by himself. The Japan Electronic Commerce Foundation (J-FEC), the largest EC business association in the Kanto and Tokai regions, the Tokai E-Business Research Group (TEK), and Rakuten Area Nations have also requested seminars, with a total of 2,000 participants. surpass people. In 2021, I will retire from Japan EC Service and become a freelancer. Currently involved in holding seminars as an EC Masters certified lecturer. He has connections with more than 2000 online shop owners and staff nationwide. Born in Akita Prefecture, graduated from Akita High School. Father of 1 year old daughter. ■ About Japan EC Service Co., Ltd.
“Japan EC Service Co., Ltd. operates “EC Masters Club,” Japan’s largest membership-based support service that uses more than 2,300 Rakuten shops. Due to the corona crisis, it has become difficult to hold seminars all over Japan, and the number of online members has increased steadily, and it has become a service used by 1 out of 24 companies opened in Rakuten Ichiba. In addition, according to a survey that 645 companies responded to, 71.6% of them said that their sales increased after joining, an increase of 2.4 percentage points from 69.2% last year. As the number of small and medium-sized enterprises that have started online shops as a countermeasure against the sales of the corona wreck is increasing, we will strive to support more mall vendors.

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