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December 24th (Sat) TOKYO TOWER Grand Opening! ! Gateau chocolate “Ken’s Cafe Tokyo” awarded the title of No.1 in Japan

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December 24th (Sat) TOKYO TOWER Grand Opening! ! Gateau chocolate “Ken’s Cafe Tokyo” awarded the title of No.1 in Japan
On December 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun), the first 50 people who purchase a total of 3,000 yen (including tax) or more will receive a special opening commemorative “TOKYO TOWER Store Original Mug Cup”!
On December 24, 2022, the gateau chocolate specialty store “Ken’s Cafe Tokyo TOKYO Tower Store” will open on the 1st floor of Tokyo Tower, the symbol of Tokyo, which will celebrate its 65th anniversary. [Image 1d100366-4-e392636d20656ced14d2-8.jpg&s3=100366-4-21654ae60767f0f4f6f9701be16a69c9-3900x1415.jpg
A new Tokyo project presented by “Ken’s Cafe Tokyo”, a gateau chocolate shop that has been given the title of Japan’s No.
In addition to the “Specially Selected Gateau Chocolat” that uses the world’s highest chocolate, the chocolate drink “Ken’s Hot Chocolate” that can only be tasted here, original sweets, limited goods, etc. will also be available.
store information

[Image 2d100366-4-8adf3f0cd78ede8b3f12-7.jpg&s3=100366-4-400bae838d9155b3a8ad3ce0aa9e9da2-3900x2734.jpg
Ken’s Cafe Tokyo Tokyo Tower
Name: Ken’s Cafe Tokyo TOKYO Tower
Address: 4-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Tower 1st floor main entrance Business hours: 10:00-20:00
Grand opening: December 24th (Sat) 10:00
Pre-opening: Friday, December 23, 13:00-15:30
Website (National store):
About Ken’s Cafe Tokyo
[Image 3d100366-4-6228ba1f9a8bf139872e-6.jpg&s3=100366-4-072476aa312c5b1c6c0e8b859ca8237f-1800x2700.jpg
Chef Kenji Ujiie
The first gateau chocolate specialty store in Japan, which was created by Chef Kenji Ujiie and has its main store in front of Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo. The “Special Gateau Chocolat”, which uses the world’s best chocolate generously, is praised by gourmets and celebrities with a reputation for sweets, and is called the best gateau chocolate in Japan.
It has been selected as one of the top 100 sweets stores in Tokyo for 5 years in a row, and ranked first in the Tabelog’s “National Popular Chocolate Shop Ranking” for 8 years in a row. Selected as “Japan Gift Awards 2015 Tokyo Prize”, “JAPAN SWEETS AWARD 2016” and Gurunavi’s “Top 30 Gifts for Entertainment”.
Kenji Ujiie, the owner chef, supervises FamilyMart’s sweets, and also collaborates with Lotte “Choco Pie” and Toyota’s vehicle brand “Lexus”.
Product introduction
“Special gateau chocolate”
[Image 4d100366-4-0028226bb0ad13a77c13-1.jpg&s3=100366-4-5c785eb55d0c8baae324e51d474d4a42-3900x2630.jpg
Special gateau chocolate
Gianluca Franzoni, the founder of the world’s best chocolate “DOMORI”, uses the world’s only chocolate “KEN’S BLEND CRIOLLO” prepared for Ken’s Cafe Tokyo. Alcohol and fragrance free. Gluten-free with no added flour.
It is a product that condenses the deep and rich cacao aroma, rich sweetness and refreshing acidity produced by high-quality chocolate. Price: 3,000 yen per piece (tax included)
Expiration date: 2 days at room temperature, 2 weeks if refrigerated Delicious way to enjoy
At room temperature, it has a moist texture and rich taste like terrine chocolate.
Cool it down… Chill it in the refrigerator to make the raw chocolate melt in your mouth. Enjoy the taste of chocolate itself.
Warm it… When you warm it up lightly in the microwave, the outside becomes fluffy, the rich chocolate melts inside, and the acidity and bitterness of the cacao become more pronounced, giving it a fondant chocolate-like texture.
Ken’s Hot Chocolate (65% Cacao) *Limited to Tokyo Tower

[Image 5d100366-4-ecfe5c35860c86e8b960-0.jpg&s3=100366-4-72d12196df1e7fede7b8664096c2afd1-3900x2600.jpg
TOKYO TOWER store limited chocolate drink
Limited sale at TOKYO TOWER store. High-quality chocolate and mellow milk overlap in an exquisite balance. Vegetable fresh cream is used for topping.
Rich cacao aroma, elegant sweetness and bitterness with a refreshing aftertaste. It is a chocolate drink that you can enjoy luxuriously until the last sip.
Price: 1 cup / 690 yen (tax included)
Tokyo Tower x Ken’s Cafe Tokyo Original Package
[Image 6d100366-4-879f67d167882ef4fd0c-4.jpg&s3=100366-4-a3c4cc3de19d9acd185709cd8d18f6cb-3900x2925.jpg
Original design sold only at TOKYO TOWER store
At the Tokyo Tower store, the specially selected gateau chocolate is sold in an original package.
The dynamic and delicately drawn Tokyo Tower and KEN’S CAFE TOKYO are linked to create a simple yet mature design.
In the future, we plan to develop limited-time designs for each season. You can enjoy not only the taste but also the appearance.

OPEN commemorative campaign
In commemoration of the opening of “Ken’s Cafe Tokyo TOKYO Tower”, the first 50 people who have purchased a total of 3,000 yen (tax included) or more on both December 24th (Sat) and December 25th (Sun) will receive “Original” Gift a mug!
[Image 7d100366-4-228c3d0857c1f81a2e95-2.jpg&s3=100366-4-8bc2e8ecadb1bfc5400aac032ffe665b-1109x1109.jpg
Christmas illumination is being held at Tokyo Tower ahead of schedule. A beautiful and warm space welcomes you with 600,000 colors, including candles, lanterns, and LED light bulbs.
Let’s meet at Tokyo Tower this Christmas.
Pre-open event details
◆ Preview
Date: Friday, December 23, 13:00-15:30
Location: Ken’s Cafe Tokyo TOKYO Tower
*Chef Kenji Ujiie visits
*We have the products for sale as souvenirs. Please come and visit us. *There is no dedicated parking lot. If you come by car, please use the Tokyo Tower parking lot (charged).
◆ Ken’s Cafe Tokyo List of past interviews and media publications
◆ Method of media participation
If you are a member of the media who would like to interview us on the day, please contact the contact point below by phone or email by 18:00 on Wednesday, December 21st.
*The following is special information limited to media personnel. Please refrain from disclosing information on SNS, etc.
▼Inquiries from the media regarding this matter
Grace Co., Ltd. (operating company)
Public Relations: Korehito Tsukada / Ayano Suzuki
TEL: 03-5826-4604  MAIL:

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