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DEECH Co., Ltd. The DEECH system supports newspaper insert orders from 47 prefectures. Exposure to 47 papers nationwide is now possible!

DEECH Co., Ltd.
The DEECH system supports newspaper insert orders from 47 prefectures. Exposure to 47 papers nationwide is now possible!
Estimates and orders can be made for newspaper inserts nationwide while looking at Google Maps!

DEECH Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshikazu Kosuge) has made it possible to order newspaper inserts to 47 prefectures nationwide as a function update of the area marketing system “DEECH”.
■ Background of the function update
Many companies that operate multiple stores conduct sales promotions through a combination of newspaper inserts, postings, and the web. Until now, DEECH had only posted analog orders. However, many users said, “I want to order newspaper inserts with DEECH,” which led to this development.
■ Newspaper media (47 media) that can be ordered from DEECH
Yomiuri, Asahi, Mainichi, Sankei, Nikkei, Hokkaido, Chunichi, West Japan, Tomakomai Minpo, Muroran Minpo, Tokachi Mainichi, Kushiro, Toou Nippo, Mutsu Shimpo, Daily Tohoku, Iwate Nippo, Kahoku Shimpo, Akita Kai Shimpo, Yamagata Newspapers, Tokyo, Niigata Daily, Northern Japan, Toyama, Kitaguni, Fukui, Prefectural Fukui, Yamanashi Daily, Shinano Mainichi, Gifu, Kyoto, Kobe, Sea of ​​Japan, Central Sanin, Sanyo, Chugoku, Tokushima, Shikoku, Ehime, Kochi, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto days, Oita joint, Miyazaki days, Southern Japan, Okinawa Times, Ryukyu Shimpo (in no particular order)
■ Future development
By enabling DEECH to place orders for newspaper inserts from 47 media outlets nationwide, it is now possible to consolidate the ordering companies that previously corresponded to each area. In addition, it will be possible to complete everything from quotations to delivery locations within the DEECH system. We are confident that this development will significantly reduce the number of man-hours required to place orders for analog sales promotions, and that strategic area marketing will advance rapidly.
■ About area marketing tool “DEECH”
“Providing DX solutions for area marketing”
The area marketing system “DEECH” was born from the strong desire to “visualize analog measures” that DEECH has been working on since its foundation. DEECH, which can digitally visualize the effectiveness verification of analog sales promotions, which tend to be ambiguous, is a useful cloud service for companies conducting cross-media sales promotions. It is a DX tool that has received a lot of support especially from companies that are developing multiple stores. [Imaged59311-43-fa0275fe1022c5c3ba2a-0.png&s3=59311-43-1443fa8ab007c8aec1772ea4b3bf4077-2362x1416.png
DEECH, an area marketing system that enables placing orders for newspaper inserts in 47 newspapers nationwide
■Company Profile
Company name: DEECH Co., Ltd.
Location: 8th floor of Nishi-Shinjuku Prime Square, 7-5-25
Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Founded: April 2002
Representative: Yoshikazu Kosuge, Representative Director
Business summary:
“DEECH” eliminates all waste in regional sales promotion:
WEB x analog customer attraction solution: Operation of owned media “Erima Tsushin”:
Free release of useful promotional materials: Seminar on area marketing:
■ Inquiries
Public Relations Sato
Details about this release:

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