Delage Co., Ltd. “Betia Winter Sale 2022” will be held where you can purchase additional content for Ninte ndo Switch (TM)’s first “experience-based English conversation learning game using voice recognition” “Betia Per ak English Adventure” at a gre

Deluxe Games Co., Ltd.
“Betia Winter Sale 2022” will be held where you can purchase additional content for Nintendo Switch (TM)’s first “experience-based English conversation learning game using voice recognition” “Betia Pera Pera English Adventure” at a great price.

Derage Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Eiichi Ietsugu) has released a paid additional content “Lesson 2 (CUBE3)” for hands-on English conversation learning game software “Betia Perapera English Adventure” for Nintendo Switch (TM) that allows you to learn English naturally while playing. , CUBE4)” was held for a limited time at “Betier Winter Sale 2022”.
“Betia Winter Sale 2022” with the hope that “I can hear more English this winter! I can speak better!” Not only those who have already cleared the main part of “Bethia Fluent English Adventure”, but also those who are about to start “Bethia Fluent English Adventure”, please take this opportunity to purchase it.
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“Betia Winter Sale 2022” Information
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●Sale period
From December 9, 2022 (Friday) to January 4, 2023 (Wednesday) 23:59 ● Sale lineup
Paid add-on content
“Betia Fluent English Adventure Lesson 2 (CUBE3, CUBE4)”
*Download version only * “Lesson 2 (CUBE3, CUBE4)” is paid additional content for “Betia Fluent English Adventure”.
* “Betia Fluent English Adventure” is required to use this product. ●Price
Regular price 6,578 yen (tax included)
→ Sale price 5,920 yen (tax included) [10% OFF]
* During the sale period, the contents are subject to change without notice. About “Betia Fluent English Adventure”
[Image 3d40522-13-d2125ca687c0a7b54434-2.png&s3=40522-13-2a6101021032d83d279ed6e9ea77f6b8-1920x1258.png
It’s fun to tell. English conversation learning through play “Betia Pera Pera English Adventure” is an immersion experience-based English conversation where you can learn everyday English conversation with correct pronunciation while playing, such as communication such as “listening”, “speaking”, and “writing” with characters in the game, battles, collecting items, etc. It’s a learning game.
This work is equipped with a unique voice recognition engine, and by speaking into a microphone connected to the Nintendo Switch (TM), even those who are not good at English or those who are new to English can improve their communication skills in English through the game. ” can be extended.
It is a volume that can be enjoyed for more than half a year even if you play for 30 minutes every day.
* A USB microphone or headset is required to play this software. [Image 4d40522-13-78a432c500883bc8392c-3.png&s3=40522-13-3dc95e0b51bcbcedcdbea69443ccd8af-1000x1260.png
Compatibility with commercially available USB microphones and headsets This software can be played with commercially available USB
microphones, headsets, and earphones with microphones, but it is not guaranteed to work with all devices.
Devices whose operation has been confirmed will be released
sequentially on the Betia official website, so please check the Betia official website when using peripheral devices such as microphones.
Title summary
[Image 5d40522-13-9e735eaa4597deb87566-4.png&s3=40522-13-d3d4c6d5a5a22d1c3e39e6ac3c58e11b-1200x780.png
Title: Betia Fluent English Adventure
Platform: Nintendo Switch(TM)
Genre: Immersion experience-based English learning game
CERO: Education/Database
Release date: Friday, April 29, 2022
Price: Package version / download version: 6,578 yen (tax included) Number of players: 1
Publisher: Darage Inc.
English Conversation Supervisor: Hideaki Kogo, Director of Keiai University English Education Development Center
Official website:
Copyright: (C) DELUXE GAMES INC.・FunCrew INC. All Rights Reserved. * A USB microphone or headset is required to play this software. *The game screen is under development.
■ Distributor company information
Company name: Darage Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 3-6-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Shibuya 363 Shimizu Building 9F
Representative: Eiichi Ietsugu, Representative Director
Business: Planning, development and operation of games

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