Development of a training plan “First Career Course” to overcome the four barriers that new employees experience through a large-scale survey

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Development of a training plan “First Career Course” to overcome the four barriers that new employees experience through a large-scale survey
Support both the person and the development side to prevent early leaving and lead to active human resources

Learning Agency Co., Ltd. (former Tohmatsu Innovation Co., Ltd., Head Office Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Daisuke Masaki,
hereinafter LA), which supports the human resource development and organizational development of more than 3.6 million people in a total of 13,000 companies, from the provisional period of new employees We are pleased to inform you that we have started the “First Career Course” service, which supports the period until the end of the first year of employment.
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In recent years, the turnover of young employees has been viewed as a problem, and according to an awareness survey*1 on the gap between new employees before and after joining the company conducted by LA in July 2022, about 30% of new employees have been in the company for less than half a year. I understand that you are considering leaving your job. In addition, new employees who intend to leave their jobs feel a larger gap before and after joining the company than those who do not intend to leave. It became clear that he was struggling. A new employee facing various walls and anxiety while experiencing a transition (transition period) from a student to a working person. We have developed a “first career course” that supports new employees from the period of informal appointment to the end of the first year so that they can overcome the wall and get on the growth track to become active human resources for the second year.
(*1) Learning Agency “Awareness Survey of Young Employees (Gap before and after joining the company in the first year of working (by intention to leave))”
What is the “First Career Course”?
The “First Career Course” is a service that supports the development of new employees from the informal period to the end of the first year in various ways. Systematize solutions based on the characteristics and actual conditions of new employees revealed by a large-scale survey conducted by LA. It has the following three characteristics. [Image 2d5749-109-7f161709af5bc01ee5b7-1.png&s3=5749-109-6ba48c3068edea4289cfa4d9aab4648a-588x355.png
What are the “four walls” that you experience from the time you get a job offer to the end of your first year?
In LA, we conduct new employee training and follow-up training for around 30,000*2 people every year, and since 2014, we have conducted an attitude survey for about 4,000 new employees every year, and in the last few years we have also conducted an attitude survey for prospective employees. are being implemented. In July 2022, we will start surveying not only the first year after joining the company, but also the second, third, and fourth years, which are often lumped together as “young people,” for each year. The Learning Innovation Research Institute (LI Research Institute), a research institute in LA, has conducted a large-scale survey over the past nine years, a gap survey before and after joining the company this year, an awareness survey by year, an analysis by intention to leave the job, etc. Based on this, we clarified their changes and actual situations, and systematized the following four barriers that new employees face. (*2) Cumulative number of participants in April and May
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A year and a half training plan
Many companies conduct new employee training in April and May, but after that there are many companies that do nothing in particular or only do OJT on site. However, the survey revealed that new employees faced four walls before the second year, and they could not overcome them and considered leaving the job. Therefore, in LA, we not only provide support during new employee training, but also support the period of one and a half years from the initial job offer period until the second year. We have newly established a first career course that enables employees to get on a growth trajectory to active human resources.
Focusing on “growth = being able to act in the field”, providing all of self-awareness, knowledge acquisition, and practice
According to a survey of gaps between prospective employees and before and after joining the company, new employees are worried about their knowledge and skills from the time they are offered a job, and some even face a wall in learning basic manners after joining the company, and even consider leaving the job. It is clear. In the First Career Course, “Mobile Knowledge for Freshers,” a business skill learning app for prospective employees and new employees, where you can easily learn from the time you have a job offer using a mobile terminal such as a smartphone, and output what you have learned through tests and role-playing. “Practical training type training for new employees” to support them, “Follow-up training” to follow up after half a year, and “Training to behave as a second-year employee” to prepare for the second year. To do.
In addition, regardless of industry or occupation, the business skill diagnostic test “Biz SCORE series” that can visualize the acquisition status of knowledge and skills necessary for working people, measurement, diagnosis and training of business reading comprehension indispensable for working. “Business reading comprehension training” helps you visualize what you are lacking, promotes correct
self-awareness, and promotes learning. Through a combination of self-awareness, knowledge acquisition, and practice, we will lead you to human resources who can act in the field.
A follow-up system that cooperates not only with new employees but also with training
Large-scale surveys and gap surveys before and after joining the company have revealed that the way new employees are supported by their superiors, OJT staff, and other people around them has a significant impact on turnover. rice field. Based on the results, in the first career course, we support not only new employees but also their superiors and OJT personnel to improve their skills. We will create an environment where you can improve your training skills, such as learning coaching skills that can be used in one-on-one interviews with subordinates, how to scold subordinates, how to create OJT training plans, how to delegate work, and how to review.
Overview of First Career Course
We have prepared the following training courses so that new employees can overcome the four hurdles according to the challenges and wishes of each company.
[Image 4d5749-109-131900579aeef31ca72d-3.png&s3=5749-109-580e49e4c37c51e6989e9e5a8cec43c2-1830x609.png

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[Image 6d5749-109-b5f5e1ebc17181b9b6de-6.png&s3=5749-109-c9edf5051f830bff1a4faf4672219b81-2305x1230.png
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