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Development of “Minna no Symptom Language (Kotoba AI)” that connects people and medical care First release!

SHANRI Co., Ltd.
Development of “Minna no Symptom Language (Kotoba AI)” that connects people and medical care First release!
When do you have a “throbbing head”?

SHANRI Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kori Sakai) is developing a service that connects people and medical care with words. As the first step of the “Everyone’s Symptom Words” service, we will open and publish a talk room between users with the theme of “Throbbing my head”.
[Image 1 (compatible with smartphones) When do you have a “throbbing head”?
Users can freely set up a talk room for each “scene” and talk about the disorder “head throbbing”. The purpose of the talk room is to create new awareness through communication and connections between users from new perspectives.
# Drinking too much # Games until midnight # Before the typhoon comes # When you fall asleep # When you run out of caffeine…
[Image 2

“Everybody’s Symptom Words”
For example, even with the same “head throbbing” symptom, the background is diverse.
The company is developing the “Minna no Symptom Words” service, which supports users to acquire better wisdom on their own, using free symptoms expressed by individuals as keywords.
The service is not aimed at diagnosing illness, but plans to create a wide range of content to expand opportunities to connect with people, things, and words while personalizing it for each user by utilizing “word AI” technology.
[Image 3

Coming soon in the second edition of “Minna no Symptom Words” [Image 4

History of Development (Representative: Sakai)
I was previously diagnosed with an unexplained painful inflammatory skin condition. Despite visiting several university hospitals, the cause could not be determined, and after a few months, the symptoms remitted, and after that, I returned to my previous life as if nothing had happened. On the other hand, when fatigue builds up, my hands and feet feel numb, and sometimes I feel like I have hair on the soles of my feet. There are times when I feel the symptoms of anxiety and the anxiety that accompanies it.
Japan has a very favorable environment in terms of access to medical care and the quality of medical care. On the other hand, finding a way to acquire medical services, people, things, and wisdom that perfectly match your values ​​when you are sick is still a high hurdle due to the high level of expertise in the medical industry. I feel that there is a lack of existence.
Based on the vision that “Everyone’s words create new value for everyone”, we are a medical specialist who deals with physical disorders and anxieties that humans have in their lives, as well as disorders in daily life that are not medical diagnosis or treatment. We are developing with the hope that it will be a society where the general public can support each other at the same time as the house.
[Video 2:]

Company Profile
Company name: SHANRI Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Kaori Sakai
Location: 1-22-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business description:
Medical word database business that utilizes “voice × word AI” such as “Minna no Symptom Words”, a symptom word search service for the general public, and “Medical Memo”, a voice recording DX service specialized in the medical and healthcare fields.
We welcome inquiries from the media at any time.
Please contact us for more information regarding this matter. PR: Tatsuhiko Kawanishi
Mobile phone: 090-4396-0520
Details about this release:

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