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Directly to the elderly! Deliver professional exercise guidance online! Opening campaign for “Remosapo”, a gro up exercise guidance live distribution service for welfare facilities.

Hiroshima Full of Genki Project
Directly to the elderly! Deliver professional exercise guidance online! Opening campaign for “Remosapo”, a group exercise guidance live distribution service for welfare facilities.
“Rimosapo” is a group exercise instruction service for welfare facilities (elderly facilities, day services, facilities for the disabled, after-school children’s day). 12 live streams per week. All you can receive at zoom meeting! Unlimited viewing of archived videos!
Hiroshima Genki Ippai Project Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima City; Representative: Hiromi Iwasaki) has released an opening campaign for the group exercise guidance online service “Remosapo” for welfare facilities in December 2022. The greatest merit of “Rimosapo” is that “exercise guidance can be provided while communicating” for the elderly, people with disabilities, and children on Children’s Day. This saves the facility employees the trouble of providing exercise guidance and recreation, and can play a part in resolving the staff shortage. Moreover, for users, exercising at a fixed time is useful for adjusting their life rhythm. The monthly contract fee is 8,800 yen per month, but the opening campaign 40% off is 5,280 yen.
“Remosapo” opening campaign, released today.
[Image 1

1. Admin! Do you have this problem?
“I’m telling you to give group exercise guidance, but the employees don’t like it because they can’t do it!”
“Previously, we had outside instructors come to us, but we can’t invite them…” “Even if I teach, the users lose their concentration and leave, so the effect is not good!”
“I can’t motivate users or make them lively, so it’s kind of dark!” “External instructors are good, but the instructor fees are expensive~~”
[Video 2:]

2. With “Remosapo”, you can solve the problem!
“Remosapo” is a service where a professional exercise instructor uses an online zoom meeting to provide exercise guidance to users while taking two-way communication.
When the employee connects to the remote support, a professional exercise instructor appears on the monitor and asks the user, “Hello! How are you feeling today?” Since the exercise guidance starts after you feel a sense of presence and unity, your motivation will increase and the effect of your exercise will be easier to improve.
For employees, the work of instructing group exercise can be difficult if they do not have specific skills such as speaking loudly in front of people, and it seems to be a burden on employees. Reducing this burden will lead to the retention of employees and can play a part in resolving the shortage of staff.
Of course, it’s online, so there’s no infection risk at all. In addition to providing exercise guidance to users, we also offer exercise classes for the health, well-being, and smiles of our employees. It will support the health of employees and promote communication with each other, and will lead to the creation of a better workplace, team building, and health management.
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Employees don’t need to give group exercise guidance, and the burden on employees can be reduced!
There is no need to call an instructor from outside, and costs can be reduced! Highly specialized, it can increase the motivation of the user, and the effect can be expected!
It’s online, so there’s no risk of infection!
Brain activation training is included, so concentration and cognitive functions are improved!
3. Overview of “Remosapo”
Rimosapo offers 12 exercise instruction classes per week (48 classes/month) (including 9 classes for the elderly and people with disabilities, 2 classes for children, and 2 classes for staff). It is a system that allows you to choose a convenient time from the monthly calendar and participate, and you can receive as many as you want. Also, if the time doesn’t suit you, you can select and participate in your favorite class from the archived videos.
The duration of one class is 15-30 minutes. For elderly people, 20 minutes in consideration of physical strength and concentration. 30 minutes for children for After School Children’s Day. For staff, it is 10 to 15 minutes to make it easier to participate in a short time. There are three ways to participate, depending on the environment and the condition of the participants. Basically, we recommend live participation where you can communicate interactively using 1. zoom meeting. However, if you don’t like to see your face or you can’t get your family’s consent, we recommend 2. vimeo live participation. Although it is a live event, there is no information or video of the participants, so you can participate with peace of mind, and connection is easy with a single touch. If you don’t have time to participate in these live performances, we recommend 3. Participating in the archived video. You can participate while watching as much as you like at your favorite time.
The contract fee for the system that allows you to participate in 12 exercise instruction classes per week (48 classes/month) with 3 different participation methods is 8800 yen per month (unlimited access). Also, until the end of December, it is an opening campaign, 40% off at 5280 yen.
[Image 3

◆ Details
Unlimited access to 12 exercise classes per week (48 classes/month) One class is 15-30 minutes
Classes for seniors, children, and staff available
Contract fee: 8800 yen for 1 month All-you-can-receive (subscription) Opening campaign fee: 5280 yen for 1 month←40% OFF

◆ 3 ways to participate
1. Live participation in a zoom meeting: communication is possible! 2. Participate via vimeo live streaming: Don’t worry, you won’t be seen by others! Easy to connect!
2. Participate via vimeo live streaming: Don’t worry, you won’t be seen by others! Easy to connect!
◆Program content
A professional exercise instructor will give you exercise guidance live and directly!
We offer a highly specialized program!
Including brain activation training, you can expect higher effects! 4. Advantages of remote support

[Image 4

Above all, the smiles of the participants shine!
We believe that smiling leads to good health, which in turn leads to improvements in participants’ QOL (quality of life) and ADL
(Activities of daily living).
We will deliver this “Remosapo” to managers and administrators who seriously think about the health and smiles of users and employees. [Image 5

Click here for a free trial
*Please select the course application and write “free trial”. ◆ Testimonials from customers
● Medical Corporation Hakueikai Day Care Nozomi Orthopedic Clinic Ms. Yoshiko Oshita, General Manager of Nursing Care Division [Image 6

● Multifunctional office LOVE ART
Yoshinobu Nitta, Service Manager
[Image 7

● Nozomi Orthopedic Clinic Saijo
Chief Kana Yoshida
[Image 8

Click here for a free trial
   *Please select the course application and write “free trial”. [Image 9

◆Hiroshima Genki Ippai Project “Commitment”
[Image 10

【Company Profile】
Company name: Hiroshima Genki Ippai Project Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 6-14-1-1102 Otsuka Nishi, Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Representative Director: Hiromi Iwasaki
Established: January 15, 2013
[Business description]
Corporate site
⒈ Offitere (R)/remote Offitere (R) business
~ Energize your colleagues! Let’s all smile! ~
*Offitra (R)
  * remote offitre (R)
⒉ Remosapo/remote training business
~ Health support for social welfare! Compassionate health support *Remosapo
⒊ Instructor development project
* Health support instructor training course: ⒋ Local contribution business
*Hiroshima Genki Ippai Project:
[Image 11d102245-8-07482ed58d71a1c71f3d-17.png&s3=102245-8-ca0b3abf1a5e3d41558ca857977c2324-2310x634.png

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