Dito City Co., Ltd. A non-fiction picture book born from a true story, “What kind of day was it today? ] Rel eased!

A non-fiction picture book born from a true story, “What kind of day was it today? ] Released!
Are children happy in single parent households?

Dito City Co., Ltd. is the third new picture book “What kind of day was it today? ] was released on Saturday, December 10, 2022

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“How was your day today?” Cover
~A true story of a mother who struggles every day with a child who can’t express her thoughts well~
Mom, it’s okay. I understand all right.
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“What kind of day was it today?” Text page
This work, which is the second picture book in the Dito City Story Series, is a true story depicting the days of a child who is unable to convey his thoughts to his parents and a mother who struggles every day.
Mothers who work hard on their own are busy with child-rearing, housework, and work every day. I want to give my children lots of love. But I can’t find enough time for that, and I feel uneasy about whether I’m doing a good job as a parent. Even in the midst of busy days, both physically and mentally, mothers want to know even a little about their daughters. What do children think when they see their mother like that?
Based on the real-life experience of Romi Hasegawa, the author who grew up in a single-mother household, this work is written from the perspective of children. It is a picture book.
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What was drawn in this picture book was the real and straightforward feeling of a child towards his mother. The thoughts of a child and the smile of a mother who works hard sticks in my heart. -Female in her 30s
I have a mother and no father.
I eat with grandpa and grandma and take a bath by myself.
When I was staring at the clock, my mother finally came home. “How was your day today?” My mother asked me with a smile, but I didn’t answer anything…

● Author, Romi Hasegawa Postscript
This work “What kind of day was it today?” was produced to commemorate my mother’s 60th birthday. Depicting the childhood spent with my mother, it is studded with many memories and events. When my mother, who was an elementary school teacher, came home late at night, she would ask me with a smile, “How did I spend my day?”
And I also remember very well that I used to say the opposite of what I was thinking.
After finishing this work, I was able to realize once again how much my mother has worked so hard, and how grateful I am to be a parent. And by all means, there is something I would like you to feel through this work. When you feel like you’re not doing well, when you get angry, when you feel discouraged, it’s okay if there are times like that. We children know that our mothers and fathers are working hard for us. I just can’t express my gratitude right now. Mothers and fathers who are still working hard on their own. Praise yourself for doing your best and take a break. Also, show your children lots of love.
I hope this picture book will be a picture book that can support the family who is working hard.
– Author Romi Hasegawa
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●Basic information
‘How was your day today? 』
Written by Romi Hasegawa
Picture: Dito City Artists
Body price: 1,500 yen (excluding tax)
Release date: Saturday, December 10, 2022
Format: High quality book, full color, B5 variant (224mm x 124mm) / 32 pages, electronic edition: none
FSC (R) ︎ certified paper is used for the text/cover/cover
Issued by: DITOCITY Co., Ltd.
Ditocity Co., Ltd. HP: https://ditocity.jp

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“How was your day today?” back cover

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