Douillet The magic shop Douillet is born with the concept of “cute spirituality”.

The magic shop Douillet is born with the concept of “cute spirituality”. Cast a lot of magic on yourself. A web shop for magic items created by miscellaneous goods designers and web designers has been created.
The site of “Magic Shop Douillet”, which develops Tarot and Oracle card spiritual supplies, apparel and natural stone accessories, opened on December 24th. The pink crystal tuner, a purification item, is a popular item.

Magic shop Douillet opens on December 24, 2022
The two designers have carefully selected “only what you feel is wonderful”. [Image 1

Oracle cards with nice patterns and crystal tuners for purification items Douillet is a shop that sells a little mysterious and cute magic goods. This is a web shop of cute and stylish magic items designed by Asuka, a miscellaneous goods designer living in Morocco, and Oka, a web designer living in Okayama.
Tarot cards, Oracle cards, purification items, original clothes, etc. We have collected only items that are like amulets that “can cast a lot of magic on you” just by holding them.

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I also cast magic on cute clothes

[Image 2

milk moon Loose long T-shirt BLACK is an image of the moon floating in the night sky
Originally designed clothes can be used for everyday use,
・At the time of tarot reading.
・When you take a break and drink a warm caffe latte.
・When working on a computer.
Embroidered with motifs and messages that make you cringe every time you see it. [Image 3

EVERYDAY wink YOUR LIFE fleece hoodie with a cute message
[Image 4

milk moon The loose long T-shirt has a rising moon motif that expresses growth. The one-piece dress with the image of a cute witch is also popular. [Image 5

Witch dress (white) can be worn in 2 ways
Cute natural stone accessories like candy also play the role of power stones

[Image 6

A drop natural stone ring silver925
There are 4 variations of rings with a chewy texture like candy. [Image 7

Layered A drop natural stone ring silver925
・Blue Topaz…Concentration UP. We help you reach your goals and realize your dreams.
・Amethyst…Sends you purple healing power when you are easily stressed. ・Citrine: Brings good luck such as wealth and prosperity. It gives you positive power that brightens your heart.
・Rutilated quartz…Increases fortune and fortune. Support for success, such as increasing intuition and insight and attracting people. Stone supports the energy and healing you want now.
[Image 8

A sparkling ring will lift your spirits

Easy-to-understand Oracle cards for beginners
[Image 9

Pink crystal tuner comes with 2 natural stones
We have prepared cute and cute items that will help you when reading, including oracle cards and tarot cards with Japanese explanations that are easy for beginners to understand.
The crystal tuner purification goods that purify the space and calm the mind before reading will add a pleasant magic to your daily life. [Image 10

The gentle message of the oracle card gives advice every day [Image 11

Cards with beautiful packaging
Oracle cards and tarot cards also have a “nice design” and a “comfortable message”
We have selected only the really recommended ones that have been carefully selected.
[Video 2:] In the video delivered from Morocco, you can enjoy the atmosphere and interior of Morocco while slowly looking at the contents of the oracle cards that are being handled.
Sometimes I read a word on SNS.
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nice magic every day
[Image 12

Magic shop Douillet
I would be happy if I could help you spend a lot of magic on yourself and have a comfortable and wonderful day.
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