Dream Area Co., Ltd. School DX Machikomi “What to do today” can be seen at a glance! Significant renewal o f management tools for schools and facilities and apps for parents

Dream Area Co., Ltd.
School DX Machikomi “What to do today” can be seen at a glance! Significant renewal of management tools for schools and facilities and apps for parents
Understand the business situation without hesitation even for the first time. Just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task.

Dream Area Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takehide Terashita, hereinafter Dream Area), which develops web services that support schools, parents and children, and child monitoring GPS “Mimori” to prevent danger. Area) will digitize contact between schools and parents and reduce the burden on teachers and parents in Japan’s largest communication network service “Machicomi”. We are happy to announce that we are launching a new feature.
What is “Machikomi”?
It is one of the largest communication network services in Japan, which was launched with the concept of “creating a city where children can live with peace of mind”, digitizing the communication between schools and parents to reduce the burden on teachers and parents. It is possible to eliminate the “inconvenience of contact” due to conventional analog methods such as distribution of prints and telephone contact.
Machicomi URL: https://machicomi.jp/
[Image 1

Added 3 new functions to tools for school and facility administrators (1) Renewal of the management screen top
– A simple and easy-to-understand design that allows you to see at a glance what you should do today –
We have renewed the top page of the management screen with the desire to “quickly grasp daily work and start work without hesitation”. [Image 2

(Example) Since the application/approval status of holiday
notifications and physical condition/contact notes is displayed in a large size, today’s tasks can be clarified and work can be started immediately.
In addition, event attendance and questionnaires are displayed preferentially in order of deadline, making it possible to immediately grasp the deadline and response status.
(*It is also possible to rearrange each item and customize the screen for each administrator to make it easier to use.)
(2) Questionnaire PLUS function
-Automation of time-consuming questionnaires from creation to aggregation- Collecting and compiling questionnaires is more difficult than you might imagine. Focusing on school issues such as “it takes time to collect and tally questionnaires”, we automated the [distribution → collection → aggregation] of questionnaires. This can greatly reduce the labor and work time required for conventional questionnaires. In addition, it is equipped with a “remind function” that
automatically prompts responses to those who have not responded. Parents will be notified by push notification before the due date to prevent forgetting to answer the questionnaire.
The created questionnaire will be displayed as a “to-do list (*)” on the parent’s app, so the parent’s task will be clarified and it will be possible to lead to submission within the due date.
[Image 3

It is also possible to freely create questionnaires in various formats, such as school evaluations and guardian questionnaires, from large-scale ones to those for ordinary parents.
(*For more details, please see “Renewal of the smartphone app used by about 3 million parents” at the bottom.)
(3) Label function
-Don’t miss important emails from the facility-
Even if the content of the email is important for the facility, if the importance is low for the guardian, the email may not be read or confirmation may be postponed.
Therefore, we have added a new “label function” to streamline email communication between facilities and parents.
(Example) Attaching the “Important” label to important emails encourages parents to open the emails. Since it is possible to filter emails by label, you can quickly find any email.
[Image 4

* If you want to display the label in the app, please update to the latest version of the Machikomi app.

Significant renewal of the smartphone app used by approximately 3 million parents
Machikomi app is even more convenient and easy to use.
We are planning to release a new top screen with a follow function to reduce the burden on parents.
“Today’s To Do” is automatically displayed on the top screen, and you can immediately check the submission deadline for child’s body temperature registration, questionnaires, and event attendance from the top screen.
We aim to make it easier for parents to operate without hesitation by improving operability such as easy-to-see screens and easy-to-press buttons, and consolidating available functions.
[* Scheduled to be released in mid-January 2023]
[Image 5

[About Dream Area Co., Ltd.]
Dream Area started as an internet system company in 2001. In 2005, we started the “Machicomi” (https://machicomi.jp/) business with the concept of “creating a city where children can live with peace of mind.” Starting with information necessary for safety management such as “What to do when encountering a suspicious person that you want to teach your child” and “What you should be careful about as a parent”, various useful information and area-specific information are posted. We hope that this will revitalize communication through the community and provide an opportunity for “urban development” in which problems such as suspicious persons are less likely to occur. Currently, “Machikomi” has been introduced to more than 13,000 facilities, including 71 boards of education and public elementary schools, in 47 prefectures nationwide (as of November 2022). On May 24, 2022, we started providing a new function, the “bus location information” system, with the aim of avoiding the dangers of school routes and improving the work style of facilities such as schools.
[Reference URL] School Bus DX” Machikomi has started providing a bus location information system using a small GPS terminal.
[Company Profile of Dream Area Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Dreamarea Co., Ltd. Dreamarea, Inc.
Head office location: 9th floor of Kotobuki Park Building, 1-20-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: April 25, 2001
Representative: Representative Director Takehide Terashita
Capital: 100,000,000 yen
Business description: Operation of the suspicious person information system “Machicomi”, planning, development and operation of the monitoring service “Mimori” Planning and development of mobile content, server construction and operation maintenance, operation of restaurants
URL: https://www.dreamarea.com/

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