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Drone National License General Incorporated Association DPCA Registered as a registered training institution of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, opened a new unmanned aerial vehicle national license center and opened sch

General Incorporated Association DPCA
General incorporated association DPCA Registered as a registered training institution of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, opened a new unmanned aerial vehicle national license center and opened schools at 33 locations nationwide Start accepting applications from January 2023

General Incorporated Association DPCA (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Representative Director: Yuta Ueda, hereinafter referred to as DPCA), which develops projects related to unmanned aerial vehicles nationwide under the slogan of “solving the problems of people and local communities through unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)”. has been registered as a registered training institution by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and will start a training course from January 2023 that allows you to acquire the national qualification for unmanned aerial vehicle operation, “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator Skill Certificate (First and Second Class)”. We plan to start accepting applications for the first-class unmanned aerial vehicle training course from January 2023, and the second-class unmanned aerial vehicle training course from February 2023.

■ Opened a new unmanned aerial vehicle national license center, starting operations at 33 bases nationwide
Registered training institution DPCA has opened the “Unmanned Aircraft National License Center” as a training base where you can acquire a national qualification for unmanned aircraft operation, and you will be able to take unmanned aircraft training at 33 locations nationwide. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle National Licensing Centers will continue to be deployed throughout the country.
In addition, a dedicated website related to national licenses will be newly set up, and information such as details of each course and the latest information on training bases will be released sequentially. (
[Unmanned Aerial Vehicle National License Center Base List] (as of December 28, 2022)
Hokkaido: Sapporo Central School
Tohoku: Preparing to open
Kanto: Ibaraki Tsukuba Kasumigaura School / Kokusai Kogyo Kanto School Chubu: Nagano Ueda School / Yamanashi Kiyosato School / Hamamatsu School / Gifu Nakatsugawa School / Nagoya Chuo School
Kinki: Kyoto Main School / Kyoto Maizuru School / Kyoto Yamashina School / Kyoto Yamashiro School / Kyoto Fukuchiyama School / Kyoto Rakuhoku School / Kanden DOTs School / Osaka Chuo School / Osaka Hirakata School / Osaka Settsu School / Osaka Minamikawachi School / Kokusai Kogyo Kansai Campus / Hyogo Minami Campus / Shiga Kusatsu Campus / Shiga Otsu Campus / Shiga Kosai Campus
Chugoku and Shikoku: Ehime Matsuyama School / Tokushima Yoshinogawa School / Hiroshima Fukuyama School / Tottori School
Kyushu: Fukuoka Central School / Fukuoka South School / Kumamoto Amakusa School / Miyazaki Central School / Kagoshima Kanoya School ■ More than 7,000 people have completed private skill courses! Concluded disaster prevention agreements with 40 government offices and local governments, the largest number in Japan.
Since 2016, DPCA has introduced an “override” mechanism that is adopted in the completion examination of unmanned aerial vehicle training. In the unlikely event that a student falls into a dangerous operation, the instructor will immediately intervene and guide the aircraft to a safe position.
With this training system, it is possible for even beginners to safely operate an unmanned aerial vehicle with peace of mind. In addition, experienced instructors will provide direct guidance based on the operational experience and know-how cultivated by training more than 7,000 pilots over the past seven years. Furthermore, as part of our regional contribution activities utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles, we have concluded a “disaster operation agreement” with 40 government agencies and local governments, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Fire and Disaster Management Agency. I am also involved in
■ Provide original textbooks to students
We will provide participants with an original text that fully conveys the know-how cultivated in the past seven years of on-site operation experience. This original textbook was created by Koichi Mizuno, who is a commercial pilot and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) ground instructor, and is currently the director of the center. It is ■ “Experienced people” apply “lecture time reduction measures” At DPCA, we would like inexperienced pilots who wish to obtain a national license to obtain a national license (skill certificate) in the shortest and most efficient manner by keeping course costs as low as possible.
In order to achieve this, we will make effective use of the training time exemption for “experienced people” stipulated by law, and provide a training plan that combines private skill training.
Detailed information about the course will be released on the dedicated website in the future.
■ Information on DPCA membership (free)
If you register as a free official LINE member of DPCA, you will be able to get the latest information on the national license course as soon as possible. In addition, you can receive information on study group events that are useful for operation and information on special benefits when taking courses. Free membership registration →
With the introduction of this national licensing system, the DPCA will participate as a major organization in the “Working Group for Securing Skills of Pilots and Flight Managers,” which will be led by the Civil Aviation Bureau to build the system from 2021, and return know-how from specialized knowledge. I was allowed to. With this background, I can confidently tell you that you will acquire accurate information and correct operational knowledge.
■ Conclusion of disaster prevention agreements with 40 local governments, the largest number in Japan
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire and Disaster Management Agency / Kyoto Prefecture / Kyoto City / Osaka City / Kobe City / Nagoya City / Kameoka City / Joyo City / Uji City / Kumiyama Town / Oyamazaki Town / Nagaokakyo City / Ujitawara Town / Kyotanabe City / Minamiyamashiro Village / Hirakata City / Ashiya City / Sanda City / Koryo Town / Kashiba City / Nanto City / Aridagawa Town / Nishinomiya City / Katano City / Kato City / Higashiosaka City / Matsubara City / Moriguchi City / Fuchu City / Fukuoka City / Miyazaki City / Nichinan City / Osumi District Fire Association / Tosashimizu City / Yokkaichi City / Zushi City / Hayama Town / Tochigi City / Taku City / Fukuyama Fire Association (as of December 2022)
■ More than 7,000 people Government offices, universities,
firefighters, police, Self-Defense Forces, companies
Kyoto Prefectural Government/Kyoto City Officials/Kyoto Prefectural Police/Kobe City Officials/Kyoto Municipal Fire Department/Amakusa Inter-City Fire Department Headquarters/Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture/Public Works Research Institute/Hyogo Prefectural Disaster Prevention Officer/Kakogawa City Fire Department Headquarters/Ibaraki Prefectural Construction Technology Public Corporation/Soraku Chubu Fire Association Fire Headquarters/Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism University/Kinki Regional Development Bureau/Hanshin Highway Engineering Co., Ltd./Kyoto University/Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)/Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc./Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc./Fukuoka Port and Harbor Bureau/Sekisui House Co.,
Ltd./Kyushu Drone Consortium/Suita City Fire Department/Daikin Industries, Ltd./Pasona Panasonic Business Service Co., Ltd./Osaka University of Arts/Kyoto Toyota Co., Ltd./Shimizu Corporation/ Shusei Construction Vocational School / Nara Prefecture Staff / Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. / Japan Radio Co., Ltd. / Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. / NEXCO West Japan / Optage Co., Ltd. / AUTOBACS SEVEN Co., Ltd. / Kato City Staff / Kasai City Staff / Maritime Self-Defense Force Kanoya base
Many other companies Over 7,000 graduates (as of December 2022) * What is a registered training institution?
In order to impart the knowledge and ability necessary for flying an unmanned aerial vehicle to those who wish to obtain an unmanned aerial vehicle operator skill certificate, private business operators who meet the requirements related to facilities and equipment set by the government, instructors, etc. A system to register as a registered training institution.
Those who have completed the course of a registered training institution that conducts training at a certain level or higher may be exempted from all practical examinations. Based on that, if you take a practical training course conducted by the registered training institution DPCA, you will be exempted from the practical examination of the designated examination institution.
*What is a designated testing agency?
An institution designated by the country that conducts affairs related to the implementation of unmanned aerial vehicle pilot examinations. Designated testing bodies are in charge of all first and second class tests for academic and practical tests, and one corporation (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) is certified nationwide from the perspective of ensuring fairness and neutrality.
Unmanned aerial vehicle pilot test website →
– Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Registered Training Institution General Incorporated Association DPCA Overview – Administrator: Representative Director Yuta Ueda
Deputy administrator: Deputy Representative Director Yoichi Uehara Director: Koichi Mizuno
Location: Ilias 2/3F, 10-2 Nishiiwamoto-cho, Higashikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto City Business description:
・Guidance, education and certification of unmanned aerial vehicle operation skills
・Guidance, education and certification of unmanned aerial photography skills ・Unmanned aerial vehicle operation license
・Unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) shooting and video production business (including inspection work, etc.)
We have professional photographers and videographers who shoot in a wide range of genres, including videographers who have worked on many commercials and promotional videos.In addition, in the inspection field, we utilize our strengths in photography and have many operational achievements at various sites. have
■Contact information:
General Incorporated Association DPCA (Drone Photography Creators Association) Secretariat

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