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Droots Co., Ltd. 3D hologram display “Dimpact (R) 3D Holo Vision” New production by fusion with Christmas decorations

Droots Co., Ltd.
3D hologram display “Dimpact (R) 3D Holo Vision” New production by fusion with Christmas decorations

Droots Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Daisuke Doi) will operate and manage Marunouchi Hotel Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda, Tokyo) from December 2nd (Friday) to December 25th (Sunday). 1-6-3, Marunouchi Ward), a Dimpact (R) 3D hologram display was installed for Christmas 2022.
The Dimpact(R) 3D hologram display is a new technology that rotates four blades with LEDs arranged in high density at high speed to project a 3D image floating in the air using the afterimage phenomenon of light. It becomes possible. The 3D hologram display “Dimpact(R) 3D Holo Vision” was installed at the Marunouchi Hotel and exhibited as a Christmas decoration in 2022. 3D moving characters such as 3D Santa Claus and reindeer pop out from the colorful and gorgeous Christmas tree and decorations, and visitors and visitors will stop and take pictures without hesitation. It has become a famous spot.
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[Image provided by Droots Co., Ltd.]
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[Overview of Dimpact(R) 3D Holo Vision]
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The 3D image projection system used in this project is “Dimpact(R) 3D,” which is handled by Droots Co., Ltd., a start-up company that develops and sells Dimpact(R) digital signage systems. It’s Holo Vision.
This system has a line-up of five types, ranging from a minimum of 50 cm to a maximum of 100 cm, depending on the diameter of the projected image, and it is also possible to project larger image content by connecting multiple units to create a composite image. It is Furthermore, this projector is compatible with Droots’ original wireless communication type 3D image management system “Dimpact(R) cloud delivery management system”, and 3D stereoscopic images can be displayed according to the information you want to publicize. It is possible to freely switch from a remote location.
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(Image provided by Droots Inc.)
Invention name: Content display device Patent No. 6676831 (Dimpact (R) cloud distribution management system)
Trademark: Dimpact (R) No. 6401658
[Customer inquiries]
Droots Inc. TEL: 03-5244-4460
9:30 to 18:30 on weekdays (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are holidays.) [Overview of Marunouchi Hotel Co., Ltd.]
Marunouchi Hotel Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President: Toshiyuki Watanabe
Head office location: 1-6-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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