Eagle Eye Networks Co., Ltd. Hamatomo Selects Eagle Eye Networks Cloud Video Surveillance

Eagle Eye Networks Co., Ltd.
Hamatomo Selects Eagle Eye Networks Cloud Video Surveillance
Comprehensive entertainment enterprise organization moves to cloud video surveillance to secure locations and streamline operations [Image 1

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TOKYO-Nov. 15, 2021-Eagle Eye Networks, the global leader in cloud video surveillance, today announced that Hamatomo Kanko Co. Ltd, parent company of the popular and well known amusement business, Rakuen, will implement Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system), to secure multiple locations and streamline business operations. Hamatomo is an IT-centric, comprehensive entertainment company that promotes creative innovation.It was specifically looking to move to a cloud-based system and it decided on Eagle Eye Cloud VMS for several reasons including: centralized management that will allow the team to remotely manage security footage from any location; the system eliminates the need for storage devices, saving space and energy; it’s an open platform that will allow Hamatomo to customize and integrate superior technology as needed; it’s flexible, scalable, easy to operate and designed for cybersecurity assurance .
“The Eagle Eye Networks team in Japan is dedicated to providing best-in-class service for mission-critical systems in enterprise organizations such as Hamatomo,” said Dean Drako, Founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks.
The organization made the decision to upgrade its Rakuen businesses based on a successful implementation of Eagle Eye Cloud VMS earlier this year at several of its Chidori Kisen Kanko Kisen Co., Ltd., stores.
The Hamatomo Group is a comprehensive entertainment company that includes several businesses including: RAKUUN, Tokyo Comic Con, Ganso Tsukishima Monja Yakatabune, Enshu Yamanaka Sake Brewery, Easy Stay Omiya, Chidori Sightseeing Steamship, and WARP.
Eagle Eye Networks is the global leader in cloud video surveillance, delivering cyber-secure cloud-based video with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to make businesses more efficient and the world a safer place. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system) is the only platform robust and flexible enough to power the future of video surveillance and intelligence. Eagle Eye is based in Austin, Texas with offices in Amsterdam, Bangalore, and Tokyo. Learn more at een.com.
Global Headquarters
Martha Entwistle
Japan Office
Noriko Otake
Hamatomo Group’s amusement business “Rakuen”
Eagle Eye Networks
Decided to adopt a cloud video surveillance system
Eagle Eye Networks Co., Ltd. (8-5 Daikanyama, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Dean Draco, hereinafter, Eagle Eye Networks), a global leader in cloud video surveillance,
Hamatomo Shoji Co., Ltd. (Head Office: 111-2 Itayacho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture; President: Keiji Oishi; hereafter Hamatomo Shoji) and its consolidated subsidiary (hereafter Hamatomo Group) have acquired cloud video from Eagle Eye Networks. You have decided to adopt a monitoring system.
Hamatomo Kanko Co., Ltd., which develops the amusement business “Rakuen” of the Hamatomo Group, has recently launched the Eagle Eye Cloud.
We have decided to officially adopt VMS.
In March 2022, three stores of Chidori Kanko Kisen Co., Ltd., which is in charge of the pleasure boat and marine activity business of the Hamatomo Group, introduced Eagle Eye Cloud VMS ahead of others, and based on the results of actual operation and operability verification. ,
This time, it has been adopted at “Paradise”.
Conventionally, multiple on-prem crime prevention systems are in operation at “Rakuen”, and the complexity of operating different systems for each store,
Amid rapid technological innovation in the business environment, speedy and flexible responses to a wide variety of changes are required.
We have been searching for a migration to a cloud system for some time, and the following points were the decisive factors for the introduction.
1. Cloud-based centralized management makes it possible to check security footage from multiple locations in a mobile environment regardless of location
2. No need for storage equipment, saving space and contributing to energy saving 3. Since the API is open as an open platform, it can be accessed from around the world as needed.
Excellent video analysis technology can be procured
4. Detailed permission settings are possible, and security is highly reliable 5. High level of design concept and development capability of the system For these reasons, the company highly evaluated Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS and decided to introduce it.
■About Hamatomo Group
It is a comprehensive entertainment company that provides “fun” to people, such as the amusement business “Rakuen”, the operation of the commercial complex “RAKUUN”, the entertainment business (Tokyo Comic Con), the Internet / AI business, and the hotel business.
[Other Business Activities]
– Comprehensive commercial facility business “RAKUUN”
– Entertainment business “Tokyo Comic Convention”
– Restaurant business “Original Tsukishima Monja Yakatabune” – Restaurant business “Enshu Yamanaka Sake Brewery”
– Hotel business “Easy Stay Omiya”
– Tourism business “Chidori Sightseeing Steamship”
– Internet/AI business J-League match result prediction software “WARP” – Real estate and construction business
■Overview of Eagle Eye Networks Co., Ltd.
Company name: Eagle Eye Networks Co., Ltd.
Japan branch office: Daikanyama 8.5 Building 4F, 8-5 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0034
URL: een.com/jp
Established: April 19, 2018
Representative: Dean Draco
Business description: Installation and operation support, sales and consulting of video surveillance systems using the cloud,
and ancillary related businesses.
■ About Eagle Eye Networks
Eagle Eye Networks, as a global leader in cloud video surveillance, Headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA with four offices in Amsterdam, Bengaluru and Tokyo
We have offices in more than 90 countries around the world.
The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System) is the only robust and flexible platform to power the future of video surveillance and intelligence.
We provide a secure cloud-based video surveillance system with AI and analytics capabilities to help streamline your business and make the world safer.
For more information, please visit een.com/en.
[Inquiries for the press]
Eagle Eye Networks Global Headquarters
Spokesperson: Martha Entwistle
Email: mentwistle@een.com
Phone: +1-512-473-0500
Eagle Eye Networks Japan Office
Marketing and Public Relations: Noriko Otake
Email: notake@een.com
Phone: 03-6868-5527
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