EasySoft Co., Ltd. Cloud expense settlement system “HRMOS Expenses”, “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Winter 2022” Se lected as “Good Service” in the expense settlement system category

EasySoft Co., Ltd.
Cloud expense reimbursement system “HRMOS Expenses”, “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Winter 2022” selected as “Good Service” in the expense reimbursement system category

The cloud expense reimbursement system “HRMOS Expenses” provided by EasySoft Co., Ltd. (head office: Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, CEO: Hajime Yamamoto, hereinafter referred to as EasySoft), a pioneer in expense reimbursement systems, is Smart Camp Co., Ltd. We are pleased to announce that the company (hereinafter “Smart Camp”) has been selected as “Good Service” in the expense settlement system category of “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Winter 2022”, which awards the most acclaimed SaaS (*).
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“BOXIL SaaS AWARD” is an event in which the SaaS comparison site “BOXIL SaaS” operated by Smart Camp examines, selects, and awards excellent SaaS. This year’s “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Winter 2022” covers approximately 10,000 new reviews posted during the year from October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022, and “HRMOS expenses” are ” It was selected as “Good Service” in the expense settlement system category. What is Good Service?
A title given by Smart Camp to services with high total scores in each category for reviews posted on “BOXIL SaaS”.
Details and selection criteria for “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Winter 2022” can be found on the official website.
“BOXIL SaaS AWARD Winter 2022” Official Website:
* SaaS is an abbreviation for Software as a Service, meaning software as a service. It refers to the form in which functions that were provided as package software in the past are provided as cloud services.
It has received high praise for its ease of use, flexible settings, and support. [Image 2

Source: Smart Camp Co., Ltd., BOXIL SaaS,
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Source: Smart Camp Co., Ltd., BOXIL SaaS,
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Source: Smart Camp Co., Ltd., BOXIL SaaS,
22 years since its launch, “HRMOS Expenses” has been developed and improved in response to the voices of users, and provides thorough follow-up by dedicated staff who are familiar with accounting operations. I received a lot of
We will continue to strive to provide easier-to-use services in order to support the promotion of efficiency in accounting operations such as invoice processing and expense reimbursement for our users. Click here for reviews of “HRMOS expenses”:
About EasySoft Co., Ltd.
Since its establishment in 2000, it is a pioneer of the expense settlement system with more than 20 years of experience as a company specializing in the expense settlement area. We develop and provide services for the cloud expense reimbursement system “HRMOS Expenses”. “HRMOS Expenses” is a service that realizes the efficiency of in-house transportation expense reimbursement, reimbursement expense
reimbursement, and invoice processing. The basic plan is equipped with a wealth of functions, which greatly reduces the workload of applicants, approvers, and accounting personnel, and promotes the digitization of accounting operations and work style reforms. It is fully compatible with the revised Electronic Book Storage Law, and is scheduled to be compatible with the invoice system in 2023.
In March 2022, we became a subsidiary of BizReach Co., Ltd., and in November 2022, we started providing “HRMOS Expenses” as the “HRMOS” series, and are promoting the development of even easier-to-use services and the expansion of our support system.
Service site: https://www.ezsoft.co.jp/ekeihi/
About the human resource utilization platform “HRMOS” series The human resource utilization platform “HRMOS” series is a service that realizes evidence-based human resource utilization by supporting human resource operations from recruitment to success after joining the company and by unifying and visualizing employee information. The human resources management cloud “HRMOS Talent Management”, which is one of the “HRMOS” series, provides functions such as
target/evaluation management, 1on1 support, and organizational diagnosis survey, centered on the employee database. In addition, we provide the cloud attendance management system “HRMOS Attendance” and the cloud expense settlement system “HRMOS Expenses” for personnel in charge of labor and accounting. For corporate human resources, the “HRMOS” series visualizes the multifaceted data of each employee and can be used for human resource utilization.
URL: https://hrmos.co/series/
About Visional
With the group mission of “New possibilities one after another”, we are developing various businesses that promote the digital
transformation (DX) of industry, mainly in the HR Tech area. We aim to build a corporate human resource utilization and human resource strategy (HCM) ecosystem, centered on recruitment platforms such as “BizReach” and the human resource utilization platform “HRMOS” series. In addition, we are launching new businesses one after another in the areas of business succession M&A, logistics technology, cyber security, and sales technology.
URL: https://www.visional.inc/ja/index.html
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