Eating out DX Kushikatsu Tanaka introduces HANZO automatic ordering, in which AI calculates the order quantity of ingredients

Goals Co., Ltd.
Kushikatsu Tanaka introduces HANZO automatic ordering, where AI calculates the order quantity of ingredients
Aiming to improve store productivity with automatic ordering
Goals Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Suguru Sasaki) provides restaurants with “HANZO Automatic Ordering,” which automatically calculates the order quantity of food ingredients, is Kushikatsu Tanaka Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Toshio Sakamoto) has decided to introduce it at all 154 directly managed stores of “Kushikatsu Tanaka”, and it will be introduced and used sequentially from October 2022. We plan to complete the introduction to all stores in December 2022.
The introduction of the service will enable appropriate ordering, reduce the burden on human resources, prevent shortages and excesses of ingredients due to ordering errors, etc., and aim to improve store productivity.
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Image of using HANZO at a store
■ Background of introduction
Ordering ingredients requires experience at the assigned store, so it takes time to make an appropriate order, and it takes time to make an appropriate order. was
By introducing “HANZO Automatic Ordering” to automate the calculation of sales forecasts and order quantities, we aim to save labor and further strengthen our services. From October 2021, we will proceed with operation at some stores, and decided to use it at all stores in October 2022.
■ “HANZO automatic ordering” service overview
This is a cloud service that realizes appropriate orders by
calculating the amount of ingredients to be ordered for each store by using AI to calculate sales forecasts that take into account changes in sales that are affected by the weather and recent order trends. In addition to shortening ordering time, it prevents food shortages and excess inventory due to ordering mistakes, contributing to reducing the psychological burden of ordering and food loss.
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■ Comment from Mr. Tatsuya Oda, Director, Sales Promotion Department, Kushikatsu Tanaka
Until now, our employees had spent about 30 minutes taking the time to place orders on a daily basis. It may take longer if inexperienced staff place the order.
I thought that HANZO could reduce the time it takes to place an order to 15 minutes or less. In addition, by using HANZO, not only employees but also part-time staff can place orders, which can be expected to reduce the training period required to learn ordering operations. In the future, we plan to add sales forecasting and preparation forecasting functions, so we hope that it will lead to the creation of appropriate shifts and the reduction of food loss based on highly accurate forecasts, not just for ordering.
■ Kushikatsu Tanaka Holdings Corporate Profile
[Image 3d83706-16-8ca389135ef763e60f59-2.png&s3=83706-16-275759b34ddbad8ee3c5a207088b41a7-1782x202.png
We are developing the food and beverage business on a nationwide scale under the brands of “Kushikatsu Tanaka” and “Toritama, a restaurant specializing in chicken and eggs.”
In 2008, the first Kushikatsu Tanaka store was opened in Setagaya, Tokyo. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market in 2016. Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2019. In September 2020, the first “Bird and Egg Specialty Store Toritama” opened in Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City. Moved to TSE standard market in April 2022. Opened a new business format “TANAKA” in Portland, USA in June.
The Kushikatsu Tanaka Group’s corporate philosophy is to “become a company, organization, and human resources that are needed in any era.” As the times change dramatically, we aim to be a company that grows together with the employees needed by the world by utilizing the chain store theory that Kushikatsu Tanaka has cultivated to meet the needs of the times.
Company name: Kushikatsu Tanaka Holdings Co., Ltd.
Head office: 1-7-6 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Towa Higashi-Gotanda Building 5F
Representative Director: Hisao Sakamoto
Established: March 20, 2002
Business description: restaurant management, FC development
Company URL:
■ Goals Company Profile
Company name: Goals Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 5-3-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo +SHIFT MITA3F
Representative Director: Suguru Sasaki
Established: July 9, 2018
Business description: Development, sales, and operational support for business support cloud services for restaurant companies
Company URL:

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