ebs Co., Ltd. Start handling AMP-Banking, a next-generation banking solution

ebs Inc.
Start of AMP-Banking, next-generation core banking solution

ebs Co., Ltd., which is developing the loan accounting package software “eSCOFI”, will start handling the cloud accounting solution “AMP-Banking”. We are proceeding with preparations for providing the industry’s first business function template and SaaS deployment. AMP-Banking is a product that applies cutting-edge IT technology such as cloud and API to a system that has a track record of operation as a single source in multiple countries. In addition to considering the introduction on a business-by-business basis, the biggest feature is that we have prepared a trial version, a SaaS version with minimal customization, and a fully customized AMP-Banking version, enabling phased introduction.
It can be used in a wide range of applications, such as new digital banking, second accounting system for specific operations,
international accounting system for overseas bases, joint system of accounting system and platform business. The price starts from tens of millions of yen for one task, and a subscription model is also planned. Through business alliances with major consulting firms and vendors, we aim to introduce it to about 15 companies over the next three years.
Contact: Toru Shimizu, Consulting Sales Division
(TEL: 03-5843-2985 Email address: sales@earnest-business.com) that’s all
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