EC specialized no-code tool TēPs adds “Social PLUS” to new connection destinations ~ Enables message delive ry of LINE using customer information of more than 100 SaaS / DB ~

Tapes Co., Ltd.
EC specialized no-code tool TēPs adds “Social PLUS” to new connection destinations ~ Enables message delivery of LINE using customer information of more than 100 SaaS / DB ~

Tapes Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Kengo Tabuchi) has established Social PLUS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, “Social PLUS” provided by Kazuhaya Okada (Representative Director) has been newly added. At the same time, we released a function to deliver LINE messages via Social PLUS. This makes it possible to automate LINE’s CRM measures using customer information from over 100 SaaS/DBs.
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TēPs is a no-code tool that does not require programming knowledge to automate your own operations by connecting various tools commonly used in EC malls and EC businesses. This time, we have added a function to deliver arbitrary LINE messages to specified customers from TēPs via Social PLUS.
Social PLUS provides a mechanism to complete friend addition and ID linkage of the company’s LINE official account in the member registration and login flow by LINE login, and supports the use of LINE’s CRM in companies.
As the need to utilize LINE’s CRM, which utilizes customer data such as user attributes and purchasing behavior, is increasing, the combinations of systems and databases of business operators are becoming more diverse and complex, and many developments are being made to link data according to the company’s environment. There were also cases that required man-hours.
By combining the new functions to be released this time with the functions of CData Connect Cloud (*1) that TēPs is already connected to, it will be possible to connect LINE with more than 100 major DBs, CRM, ERP, and other SaaS. It is now possible to distribute LINE segments based on purchasing data and attribute information. As a result, LINE’s CRM measures using its own customer database are possible, and long-term relationships with customers can be expected to lead to an increase in sales.
(*1) EC specialized no-code tool TēPs has added “CData Connect Cloud” as a new connection destination. Get data from 100+ SaaS and make it available in your workflows.
■ About TēPs
TēPs can freely combine various services and functions used in daily work, such as EC malls, order management systems, Google Spreadsheets (*2), and chat tools via APIs, without programming knowledge or experience. You can also create tools to automate your own business. feature
● Data can be handled freely without programming knowledge
● Detailed conditions can be set according to the operation of each EC site ● Implementation support via video conferencing and support via e-mail, Slack, etc.
[Image 2d99189-33-228df26edeb09143b23e-1.png&s3=99189-33-af13ae2efe66bc9852420cd1a3fbdae8-650x341.png
■ Tapes Co., Ltd.
We are developing services for the EC industry with the vision of “coloring work and enriching life.”
Company name: Tapes Co., Ltd.
Location: Southern Beach Hills 5F, 4-12986-52 Nakakaigan, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative: Kengo Tabuchi
(*1) Google Spreadsheet is a trademark of Google LLC.
■ Social PLUS Co., Ltd.
Social PLUS Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of FeedForce Group Co., Ltd. We develop and provide SaaS “Social PLUS” that can easily introduce ID linkage and social login and LINE linked Shopify application “CRM PLUS on LINE”, and sell and develop various corporate services provided by LINE Corporation. We are certified as a Technology Partner and Sales Partner of the “LINE Biz Partner Program”, a partner program that certifies and rewards advertising agencies and service developers. We will continue to strive for further business growth under the mission of “connecting people and brands and enriching the customer experience”.
Company name: Social PLUS Co., Ltd.
Location: Yushima First Building 5F, 3-19-11 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kazehaya Okada, Representative Director
Business description: SaaS business centered on ID linkage and social login URL:
(*2) Google Spreadsheet is a trademark of Google LLC.

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