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EcoRing Co., Ltd. Japan’s only B Corp certified “environment” field, awarded as “Best For The World 2022” in the world’s top 5%

Eco Ring Co., Ltd.
Japan’s only B Corp certified “environment” field, awarded as “Best For The World 2022” in the top 5% of the world.

EcoRing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture; Representative Director: Kazunari Kuwata) operates a reuse service business centered on the purchase of a wide range of disused items in Japan and Asia under the motto of “Reuse to make the world happier.” , hereinafter referred to as EcoRing) was awarded as “Best For The World 2022”, which is among the top 5% in the world in the “Environment” category of B Corp certification.
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What is B Corp certification?
A certification system operated by B Lab, a non-profit organization based in the United States, for companies that conduct business activities that consider the environment and society and meet certain standards set by B Lab, such as accountability and transparency. It is a proof of being a “good company” given to us. As of December 2022, more than 6,200 companies in 88 countries around the world have received certification.In business, we pursue not only economic value but also social value, and are a global initiative that aims to solve social issues through business activities. has become
■ What is Best For The World?
Every year, the B Corp certification body, B Lab, awards the most outstanding B Corps from among the B Corp certified companies (hereafter referred to as B Corps) that have made a significant impact through their business. Best for the World is awarded to companies whose scores in the five impact areas (community, customer,
environment, governance, and employees) evaluated in the B impact assessment rank in the top 5% of the world for each corresponding employee size. selected.
EcoRing was selected as one of the top 5% of companies with 250-999 employees. EcoRing is the only company in Japan to win Best For The World 2022 in all five fields.
B Corp Official: [Image 2d81295-13-149de921bbfb65cd0224-1.png&s3=81295-13-9e994b0b7d1f03e7a4db39c08176a3e9-1009x453.png
■ Eco-Ring’s Thoughts and Efforts
EcoRing Co., Ltd. operates a reuse business in Japan and the Asian region. With “buying anything” as our core competence, we purchase as many products as possible from customers and reuse and recycle them in order to realize a recycling-oriented society. We are developing our business activities centered on the two pillars of the “sales business,” which serves as a bridge between the important products of our customers and the new customers who will cherish them in the future.
At EcoRing, we also buy items that would otherwise be discarded as garbage, such as bags with broken handles, worn shoes, used perfume, and more.
Our reuse and recycling network of more than 5,000 companies, including those overseas, makes it possible to purchase them. By refining and expanding our own efforts, we will purchase as many items as possible, and say, “When things are no longer needed after being used, it is natural to reuse and recycle them instead of throwing them in the trash.” We aim to create a recycling-oriented society that spreads the values ​​of
Furthermore, in November of this year, we are working to visualize our contribution to reducing environmental footprints on the earth, including the release of a new app function that informs customers of the amount of CO2 reduction associated with individual reuse, the first in the industry. increase.
EcoRing will continue to devote itself to contributing to the resolution of social issues, including environmental problems, through the reuse business, so we look forward to your continued support in 2023.
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