Edge Technology Co., Ltd. 23% discount on one-on-one lectures! Edge Technology (AI Job Kare) will sell all 4 one-on-one lectures (machine learning, etc.) for a limited time at a 23% discount from 12/26 (Monday) as a New Year’s gift campaign!

Edge Technology Co., Ltd.
23% discount on one-on-one lectures! Edge Technology (AI Job Kare) will sell all 4 one-on-one lectures (machine learning, etc.) for a limited time at a 23% discount from 12/26 (Monday) as a New Year’s gift campaign!
As a New Year’s holiday campaign, all 4 one-on-one lectures “Python, mathematics, machine learning, deep learning” by active data scientists will be sold for a limited time from December 26 (Monday) at a 23% discount!

Edge Technology Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Koji Sumimoto Edge Technology) will hold a one-on-one lecture “Python, mathematics, machine learning, deep learning” by an active data scientist from 12/26 (Monday) to 2023. Limited time sale with 23% discount as a New Year’s gift campaign associated with the year.
One-on-one lectures are recommended here!
・It is a course format that carefully proceeds according to each person’s understanding.
・Lectures will be held according to the goals and purpose of the course through prior counseling.
・Lecture schedule can be changed according to your convenience! *Advance contact before the lecture is required
Features of one-on-one lectures (4 courses in total)
1. The Python course is a course where you can learn from data extraction to visualization, and learn the Python library used in machine learning.
2. The mathematics course is a course that carefully learns from the basics, focusing on differentiation/integration, linear algebra, probability/statistics, etc. required by machine learning. Even those who are not good at mathematics in humanities will not be frustrated. 3. The machine learning course is for those who aim to be AI engineers, learning practically so that they can perform data preprocessing, modeling, evaluation, and tuning by themselves. 4. The deep learning course is a course where you can systematically learn recent hot technologies such as GAN, CNN, RNN, and reinforcement learning, and also learn points to improve accuracy in practice. Application page
▽Python Course/Mathematics Course
▽Machine Learning Course
▽ Deep learning course
Lecture schedule
≪Python Lecture/Mathematics Lecture 1st Semester≫
・Responsible…Lecturer Ishikawa
・Lecture time…19:30~21:30
1st: January 17 (Tue)
2nd time: Tuesday, January 24
3rd time: January 31 (Tue)
4th time: February 7 (Tue)
5th time: February 14 (Tue)
≪Machine Learning Course 7th Period≫ *Other lecture dates available ・Responsible…Lecturer Shimada
・Lecture time…19:00~21:00
1st time: Thursday, January 12
2nd time: Thursday, January 19
3rd time: Thursday, January 26th
4th time: February 2nd (Thursday)
5th time: February 9 (Thursday)
6th: February 16 (Thursday)
7th: Thursday, March 2nd
≪Deep Learning Course 1st Period≫
・Responsible…Lecturer Hajime Tani
・Lecture time…19:30~21:30
1st time: Friday, January 13
2nd time: Friday, January 27
3rd time: February 3 (Friday)
4th time: February 10 (Friday)
5th time: February 17 (Friday)
6th: February 24 (Friday)
7th time: March 3 (Friday)
8th time: Friday, March 10
9th time: March 17 (Friday)
10th: March 24 (Fri)
▽Python Course/Mathematics Course
List price: 99,000 yen (tax included) → Campaign price: 76,230 yen (tax included)
▽Machine Learning Course
List price: 308,000 yen (tax included) → Campaign price: 237,160 yen (tax included)
▽ Deep learning course
List price: 440,000 yen (tax included) → Campaign price: 338,800 yen (tax included)
2023 New Year’s gift campaign period
12/26 (Mon) 11:00~1/4 (Wed) 17:00
If you purchase the course during the above period, you can purchase it at a 23% discount.
*If you would like a receipt, please contact us after applying. You can change to semi-private course!
As a semi-private space upon request
Up to 3 people including the representative can attend at the same time for the price of 1 group (1 person)!
*Payment can only be made by the representative.
“Please note that we cannot divide the items.”
Implementation method
Online (Zoom)
*In principle, the event will be held on a fixed schedule.
*If you have any requests regarding the schedule, please contact the secretariat.
(Ex.) The set day of the week is not convenient, you want to set a different day for the third week, etc.
Application deadline
≪Credit card payment, Amazon Pay payment≫
・Python course ・Mathematics course 1st term: Until January 16 (Monday) ・ Machine learning course 7th term: Until Wednesday, January 11 ・ Deep learning course 1st period: Until Thursday, January 12 ≪Convenience store payment, bank ATM payment, Internet banking payment, electronic money payment≫
*The deadline will be slightly earlier due to the payment deadline. ・Python course ・Mathematics course 1st period: Until Thursday, January 12 ・ Machine learning course 7th term: Until January 9 (Monday) ・ Deep learning course 1st period: Until January 10 (Tue)
*The one-on-one class will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached. ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――
\ We are holding a free web briefing session every week for those who are considering taking the course! /
At Edge Technology Co., Ltd. (AI Job Boyfriend)
Understand the features and course lineup of AI Job Kare
We hold free webinars every week.
If you are considering attending and would like to hear a little story, please join us.
▼ Click here to apply for the free web briefing session
At the same time, Edge Technology Co., Ltd. (AI Job Kare)
We even support job changes after taking the course (or before taking the course).
If you are interested, please apply below.
▼ EDGECAREER, a career change agent specializing in the AI ​​industry https://www.edge-career.com/
■ About Edge Technology Co., Ltd.
Edge Technology Co., Ltd. solves various social issues through artificial intelligence development, deep learning implementation, analysis support, and support of highly specialized human resources. We will realize a prosperous society.
[Company Profile]
Company name: Edge Technology Co., Ltd. (English notation: EDGE Technology Inc.) Location: 1-32-7 Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 5th floor, Cress Real Estate Kanda Building
Representative Director and President: Koji Sumimoto
Established: May 12, 2014
URL: https://www.edge-tech.co.jp/
[Business description]
(1) AI implementation support, big data analysis consulting
(2) Sales of the AI ​​platform “Edge Algo Platform”
(3) IT professional human resource services
(4) Operation of AI school for engineers and corporate training business “AI Job Kare”
(5) Mid-career recruitment support specializing in AI human resources (6) Development and sales of sales support system “GeAIne” using AI [Image



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