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Editing Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd. “Information History 21 Electronic Edition” will be published on December 6th. Simultaneous release of event video “Reading ‘Information History 21′” talked by celebrities from various fields

Editing Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd.
“Information History 21 Electronic Edition” will be published on December 6th. Simultaneous release of event video “Reading
‘Information History 21′” talked by celebrities from various fields The historical chronology “Information History 21” (re-enlarged version) created by Seigo Matsuoka in 1990 has finally been digitized. A related event video featuring Masayuki Osawa, Yu Sato, Mitsuhiro Takemura, Yuko Tanaka, Jun Murai, Takamitsu Yamamoto and Mari Yamazaki will also be released.

“Information History 21” (supervised by Seigo Matsuoka), which reads and understands history in a unique design. A unique chronology format that arranges the history of the world in the East and West regions across fields such as politics, science, and art, allowing you to intuitively grasp the dynamism of relationships in history. This “History of Information 21” will finally be digitized and will be released as an electronic PDF version on December 6th. In the electronic PDF version, you can search for historical events using the search function of your PDF viewer. Search for terms that interest you and list historical events around the same period. Please experience how to enjoy the new chronological table.
An archive video of the event series that introduces how to use “Information History 21” by celebrities from various fields and how to read history will also be released at the same time. Both can be purchased on the website of the Editorial Engineering Laboratory from Tuesday, December 6th.
On December 13th, a talk event will be distributed from the live streaming studio “SUPER DOMMUNE” (sponsored by Naohiro Ukawa) as an event to commemorate the release.
Editing Engineering Laboratory (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President: Akiko Ando, ​​Director: Seigo Matsuoka) will release “Information History 21 Electronic Edition” on December 6, 2022. In the book version, a huge amount of historical information of 512 pages can be searched with the function of the PDF viewer.
[Image 1

The printed version of “History of Information 21” is a large book of 19 x 3 x 25.7 cm and 512 pages.
●What is “History of Information 21”?
“History of Information” was published by NTT Publishing in 1990 as part of the “100 Years of Telephones in Japan” commemorative project, and an enlarged edition was published in 1996. This is a completely unique exhibition that uniquely composes the magnificent history from the birth of mankind to the dramatic evolution of today’s
computer-based communication networks and artificial intelligence from the perspective of “how did humans compile information?” chronological table. The headlines of various sizes, the double page created by five tracks spanning the east and west, and the dynamism of the
relationships revealed by the world’s simultaneous chronology were greeted with great response and evaluation from various fields at the time of publication.
In 2020, we will publish a re-enlarged edition with new chronological information up to 2020 as “Information History 21”. This time, in response to requests from longtime readers, we will publish it as an electronic version. In addition, we have added a new chronology for 2021.
[Image 2

The spread of pages organized by age allows you to list important items across the east and west regions.
●Characteristics of “Information History 21 Electronic Edition” (1) Searchable
In the electronic PDF version, it is possible to search for individual historical events. Even if you do not have advanced historical knowledge or local knowledge to find out what is written where, you will be able to search and display it in a list. Keyword searches from the vast amount of information recorded in “History of Information 21” have been a request for many years from readers of the printed version.
(2) Achieves high image quality
The electronic PDF version provides higher image quality data than the printed version. Information that was displayed in small letters in the book version can be enlarged and viewed without stress.
(3) Convenient to carry
By converting the 25 cm high, 3 cm thick, and 512 pages of book version information into PDF, you will be able to view a huge amount of information portable anytime, anywhere using your device. ● Overview of “Information History 21 Digital Edition”
Title: “History of Information 21” electronic PDF version
Author: Seigo Matsuoka Editing Engineering Laboratory & Isis Editing School  Book publication date: April 10, 2021
 Scheduled date of electronic publication: December 6, 2022
Body price: 6,800 yen (7,480 yen including tax)
 Data format: PDF
Purchasing method: Can be purchased from the Editing Engineering Laboratory website from December 6 (Tuesday)
Detailed information: * Reservation privilege application: until December 5 (Monday) ○ Reference: Book version bibliographic information
Title: “History of Information 21”
Author: Seigo Matsuoka Supervised Editing Engineering Laboratory & Isis Editing School
Date of issue: April 10, 2021
  ISBN: 978-4-9911639-0-6
  Body price: 6,800 yen (7,480 yen including tax)
  Size: 275 x 190 x 30 (B5 variant)
  512 pages in full color
● “Information History 21 Electronic Version” Release Commemorative Project (1) Advance reservation benefits! Pre-order until December 5th As a pre-order bonus, we will give you scan data (several pages) of the unpublished “History of Information” diagram handwritten proofreading manuscript. In the manuscript, the process of Mr. Tsutomu Toda designing the diagram draft by Seigo Matsuoka is clearly engraved. Reservation benefits will be delivered for applications made by December 5, 2022 (Monday).
Please apply for advance reservations here.
(2) Simultaneous release of the event “Reading ‘History of Information 21′” series video
Events that have been held since the release of “History of
Information 21” (book version)
[Image 3

Luxurious guest of “Reading ‘Information History 21′”
An archived video of the series will be available for viewing. Welcoming experts from various fields as guests, this is a program rich in suggestions that unravels the times by overlapping specialized fields and “History of Information 21”.
The guest speakers are Masayuki Osawa, Masaru Sato, Mitsuhiro Takemura, Yuko Tanaka, Jun Murai, Takamitsu Yamamoto, and Mari Yamazaki, who are knowledgeable people from various fields. Mr. Mari Yamazaki’s guest episode is a dialogue with Seigo Matsuoka, director of the Institute for Editing Engineering and principal of Isis Editing School.

○ Event video summary: We will prepare a special package of all 7 videos of the popular ISIS FESTA SP “Reading the history of
information” event series. We plan to offer it for limited viewing from December 2022 to March 2023.
・ How to purchase: From December 6th (Tuesday), you can purchase from the website of the Editorial Engineering Laboratory
・Price: 10,000 yen (11,000 yen including tax)
· Read the ISIS FESTA SP “History of Information 21”
Volume 1: Takamitsu Yamamoto / Volume 2: Masayuki Osawa / Volume 3: Yuko Tanaka /
Volume 4: Mitsuhiro Takemura / Volume 5: Jun Murai / Volume 6: Yu Sato /   Vol.7 Yamazaki Mari
(3) Event to commemorate the release of Information History 21 Electronic Version: Held on December 13th at SUPER DOMMUNE
To commemorate the publication of “Information History 21 Electronic Edition”, a public streaming event will be held and will be
distributed to the general public from the live streaming studio “SUPER DOMMUNE”. Mr. Naohiro Ukawa, the founder of DOMMUNE, Mr. Mitsuhiro Takemura, a media aesthetician, and Mr. Takamitsu Yamamoto, a writer and game author, will be invited as guests to talk about the appeal of “Information History 21 Digital Edition” and stimulate thinking and creativity. I will talk about how to use it.
○ Event overview (planned)
Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2022, 19:00-22:00
Location: Live streaming studio “SUPER DOMMUNE” (Shibuya PARCO 9th floor) Speakers: Naohiro Ukawa (SUPER DOMMUNE organizer, current artist), Mitsuhiro Takemura (media aesthetician),
Takamitsu Yamamoto (writer/game creator) and others
Participation/viewing method: Information will be published on the official website of SUPER DOMMUNE.
          Please come to the venue (charged) or watch online (free).

[About Isis Editing School]
On June 1, 2000, “Isis Editing School”, headed by Seigo Matsuoka, opened on the Internet as the only place to learn editing engineering. Instead of studying content that is automatically delivered, students enter an online “classroom” and proceed with answers according to the “themes” given by the “main teacher” to acquire unlimited editing skills.
Roughly half the men and women in our classrooms range in age from teens to 80s, and live and work across the country and around the world. A total of 30,000 people have taken the course so far, and 850 instructors have been trained (cumulative total). In October 2022, the basic course [Mamoru] reached its 50th term.

■For the press Interview application: Please contact Isis Editing School. Isis Editing School Forestry Bureau
■ Contact information for interview applications and inquiries regarding press releases
Editing Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd. Isis Editing School  Address: 2-15-3 Akatsutsumi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0044
 Tel: 03-5301-2213 │ Fax: 03-5301-2215
Isis Editing School Media Yukan Edist

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