Elben Co., Ltd. EGOIST Pre-order sales start from 21:00 on 12/22 (Thursday)! Complete every year! Limited Quantity “Selectable Advantageous Fukufuku SET”

Elben Co., Ltd.
[EGOIST] Pre-order sales start from 21:00 on 12/22 (Thu.)! Complete every year! Limited Quantity “Selectable Advantageous Fukufuku SET”
[EGOIST] Pre-order sales start from 21:00 on 12/22 (Thu.)!
Complete every year! Limited Quantity “Selectable Advantageous Fukufuku SET”

Women’s apparel brand [EGOIST] is available at the official WEB store From 12/22 (Thu.) 21:00 to 12/25 (Sun.) 23:59, you can select a special Fukufuku SET.
We will start pre-order sales.
[Image 1d105502-7-cba1a48b2b8460cfa364-0.jpg&s3=105502-7-a7b6547754a02f2fb72996a23b8bb585-1080x1080.jpg

“Fukufuku SET” Details
From 2 types of outerwear, 2 types of tops, and 1 type of bottoms You can purchase your favorite combination at a great price. All four combinations!
Up to ¥ 11,170 OFF and it is a very advantageous set price.
Combination example ↓
[Image 2d105502-7-58e5d0aaefcc29d5a2f8-1.jpg&s3=105502-7-c53fea94e74c77db432f394a7939983c-1000x400.jpg
[Image 3d105502-7-ba00886de013fb33debc-3.jpg&s3=105502-7-cc300bf1ba2ed2d4ffc1667b8e5a789d-1000x400.jpg
[Image 4d105502-7-e517e8eb4bc3100b95ae-2.jpg&s3=105502-7-5bce6035c49ec5d7c37e4b777abf194f-1000x400.jpg
[Image 5d105502-7-6f9554e908f460d23dc7-4.jpg&s3=105502-7-1d1ba8e088c108ae54e5ee18d495e240-1000x400.jpg

Target product details ↓

[Image 6d105502-7-e6e1924802c26abff009-5.jpg&s3=105502-7-3843fa7bd8812713ae99f1b74657c855-2048x2048.jpg
Product name: Faux leather back boa mouton jacket
Price: ¥11,990 tax in
Mouton jacket is a big favorite for winter outerwear!
Not only is it warm, but you can definitely look like a fashionable senior just by putting it on!
[Image 7d105502-7-11837158db94cda41c68-6.jpg&s3=105502-7-e2b72764be05d5e929bd179271cf9a1b-2048x2048.jpg
Product name: Sleeve shirring volume MA-1
Price: ¥10,990 tax in
MA-1 with cute voluminous shirring sleeves!
Lightweight and easy to put on, this item is especially recommended for those who like casual wear!
[Image 8d105502-7-9edfb106d2114fa1085a-8.jpg&s3=105502-7-1d2795ba8682e6651ccccecf5dfea7ef-2048x2048.jpg
Product name: EGO piss name short hoodie
Price: ¥5,590 tax in
A short-length hoodie with the EGO logo piss name on the front! I definitely want to keep the trend down! Recommended one for those who say! [Image 9d105502-7-42701e4d03c08ad0ce63-7.jpg&s3=105502-7-b2b4cd9a22c8681d20a504658903970d-2048x2048.jpg

Product Name: Turtleneck border knit top
Price: ¥6,590 tax in
A versatile knit that can be worn alone or with any outerwear! The loose knit that can be worn like a dress has a striped pattern that looks like this year!
[Image 10d105502-7-4f5474af8dd40e1dfda8-9.jpg&s3=105502-7-7ffc5c0ccb71531db0ed4e2fc2978b0d-2048x2048.jpg
Product name: Hem slit faux leather mini skirt
Price: ¥6,590 tax in
Faux leather mini skirt with safe and secure inner shorts!
The point that is glad that it is easy to put on and take off as it is waist rubber!
You can choose your favorite combination that suits you and get it at a great price
EGOIST’s “Fukufuku SET”!
Regular sales will be on the official WEB store from 0:00 on 1/1 (Thursday). Please check it out!
◆ Inquiries regarding this matter
Press: Sakurai
TEL: 03-5772-5829
Fax: 03-5772-1093
E-mail: sakurai@egoist-inc.com
-Company Profile-
Elben Co., Ltd.
Head office: 〒151-0051
1-28-8 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
New Sendagaya Mansion Room 209
URL: https://www.egoist-inc.com/
Instagram: @egoist_official
YouTube: EGO GAL channel
TikTok: @egoist_official_

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