Elecom Co., Ltd. Comfortable operation of laptops and tablets without a desk! New release of a drawing typing stand that allows you to work at your preferred angle regardless of where you use it

You can comfortably operate your laptop or tablet without a desk! New release of a drawing typing stand that allows you to work at your preferred angle regardless of where you use it
It can also be used as a book stand by placing books!

ELECOM CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Yukio Shibata) will release a new drawing typing stand that can operate tablets, liquid crystal pen tablets, and laptops anywhere from early December.
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It can be used not only on a low table or on the floor, but also by holding the assembled stand between your legs, so you can use it while sitting on a sofa or on the floor where the height is not enough to work. Recommended for work and telework.
Can be used where there is no desk, recommended for home work and telework A drawing and typing stand that allows you to operate tablets, LCD pen tablets, and laptops anywhere.
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It can be used on a low table, on the floor, on a sofa, etc. where there is no desk, and is recommended for home work and telework. You can work according to your mood without choosing a place such as living room or bedroom. It can be used stably by pinching the support part of the assembled stand between the legs.
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It can also be used as a book stand by placing a book with a clip to hold the page.
It can also be used as a book stand by placing books, and it has a clip to hold the pages. If you remove the pillar part of the stand, it becomes a tabletop stand, and you can use it in two ways.
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You can use it according to your environment and posture, even for long hours of work.
Even when working for long hours, it can be used according to the environment and posture, reducing the burden on the body such as the neck and lower back. Angle can be adjusted in 7 steps.
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Compatible with 7.9 to 12.9 inch tablets, up to 13.3 inch LCD pen tablets and laptops. It uses lightweight materials that are easy to carry. Can be disassembled for compact storage.
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*When attaching or removing the stand, hold the claws on the top plate and the base to prevent damage. The load capacity is about 5 kg. Product details
Model number: TB-DSDRAWFSWH
Price: Open price
URL: https://www.elecom.co.jp/products/TB-DSDRAWFSWH.html
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Corporate information
ELECOM CO., LTD. develops, manufactures and sells IT peripheral products. In recent years, in addition to digital fields such as personal computers and smartphones, we have expanded into various fields such as healthcare, medical care, broadcasting, and social infrastructure, bringing unprecedented comfort and convenience to “life” and “society.” We are delivering. We provide new products and business solutions that serve as a bridge between innovations brought about by new technologies and users.
Company Profile
Company name: ELECOM CO., LTD.
Head office location: LA Tower 9F, 4-1-1 Fushimi-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka Established: May 1986
Representative: Yukio Shibata, President
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