Empath Co., Ltd. Empath Co., Ltd. has been adopted by Google for Startups International Sales Academy.

Empath Co., Ltd.
Empath Co., Ltd. has been adopted by Google for Startups International Sales Academy.

Empath Co., Ltd. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, co-representatives: Takaaki Shimoji, Hazumi Yamazaki, hereinafter referred to as Empath), which provides the sales DX cloud “JamRoll”, is a support program for promising Japanese startups developed by Google, “Google for Startups Growth Academy International Sales Academy”. Join a 9-week program to learn the sales skills you need and how to practice them.
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About “Google for Startups Growth Academy International Sales Academy” Google for Startups supports the growth of startups that pave the way for a better world. The Google for Startups International Sales Academy, which starts in December 2022, is a 9-week course for startups aiming to expand overseas to learn the sales skills and practice methods necessary for acquiring new customers and
partnerships in overseas markets and raising funds. program. URL: https://www.campus.co/intl/ja_jp/tokyo/
Comments on participating in the program: Co-CEO Hamu Yamazaki Empath was also selected for “Google Launchpad Accelerator Tokyo” in 2018 and “Google for Startups Growth Academy Tech” this year, and has received support from Google for Startups many times. Especially for Empath, which has been challenging overseas expansion since the seed stage, it is extremely important to cultivate sales skills that can be used overseas. In particular, we are very pleased to be able to participate in this International Sales Academy at a time when we will release a new product, the sales DX cloud “JamRoll”, and accelerate our overseas expansion. Through this Academy program, we will discover the issues that we need to face in order to grow our overseas expansion, which will lead to further growth.
(Reference: Empath Inc. has been selected for Google for Startups Growth Academy Tech 2022.
Sales DX cloud, “JamRoll”
[Image 2d30514-56-2d13cef62290988e932a-2.png&s3=30514-56-8378688bd1aca619a76de8823f01ebb8-794x447.png
JamRoll is a sales DX cloud in which AI secretaries automatically record, transcribe, and analyze online business negotiations. Compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. By having an AI clerk attend business negotiations instead of a human, we have reduced the number of man-hours required for business negotiations and increased the number of monthly business negotiations per person. In addition, the number of man-hours required for creating minutes during business negotiations and inputting data into SFA tools is greatly reduced, contributing to improved productivity in online business negotiations. It has been introduced to many companies since the official sale in June 2022, and in just one month after its
introduction, it has achieved effects such as a 40% improvement in the negotiation rate and a 50% reduction in the number of man-hours required for attending negotiations.
NewTV case study
“The breakthrough rate of sales proposals increased by 40% in one month, and a sales team that produced results completely online was formed.”
(Details of JamRoll: https://jam-roll.webempath.ai/)
About Empath
Empath conducts research and development in the AI ​​area in the field of voice, such as speech recognition and conversation analysis, including voice emotion analysis AI “Empath”, which has been adopted by more than 3,500 companies in 50 countries around the world. Based on the mission of “Empathize with your voice”, we always emphasize dialogue that takes into consideration the specific circumstances and historical background of each member, as well as our customers, and crosses science and humanities. We develop products based on empathy. In addition to being certified as a J-Startup by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, it was selected as the first student in Japan for Google for Startups Accelerator, and has won more than 10 times in international pitch contests such as Tech in Asia Singapore. ・Established: October 31, 2017
・Location of head office: Maison Harajuku 502, 3-16-3 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
・Representatives: Takaaki Shimoji, Hazumu Yamazaki
・ Business description: Sales of voice emotion analysis AI “Empath” ・URL: https://webempath.com/

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