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Engineerforce Co., Ltd. Engineerforce Put an end to the unpaid problem! New credit card payment function released!

Engineerforce Co., Ltd.
[Engineerforce] Put an end to the unpaid problem! New credit card payment function released!
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Engineerforce Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yoshiaki Iida, hereinafter “Engineerforce”), which provides management improvement tools for system integrators / contract development based on estimates, has released a new credit payment function. I was. This function reduces the burden on managers and freelancers who are troubled by unpaid bills.
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Development background
Unfortunately, due to the nature of the IT industry in which costs are billed after delivery, unpaid bills may occur after delivery. If it is between Japanese companies, it is possible to use methods such as litigation.
In addition, for freelance and global transactions, the barriers to courts are higher, and the problem of unpaid payments is a headache for many companies.
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In order to solve those problems, Engineerforce Co., Ltd. has released a credit payment function.
*This function was developed in collaboration with GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. Introducing Engineerforce New Features
After creating a quote on Engineerforce, check the credit button and send an email to the client
[Image 4:] After that, since the order button is attached to the email body, carry out credit registration from the order screen
[Image 5:]

Flow up to payment
[Image 6

At the time of delivery, we also send an email to the customer, and the client presses the completion button to complete the procedure.
[Image 7:]
[Image 8: ]

Other features of Engineer Force
Samples can be used for quotation creation, and templates can also be customized by individual companies.
[Image 9: ]
We can handle everything from estimates to project management! It also comes with Kanban and Gantt charts to help you visualize your earnings.
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About Engineerforce Co., Ltd.
Engineerforce Co., Ltd. has a mission to eliminate inefficiencies in the IT industry, and is developing a management improvement tool “Engineerforce” for SIers / contract development based on estimates. This system is a tool that reduces the time and effort involved in creating estimates and improves the productivity of IT engineers. By providing information on quotations in a SaaS model, information can be centralized and shared smoothly.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Engineerforce Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yoshiaki Iida
Location: Shibuya Center Building 3F, 16-8 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo URL:
Slack: Details about this release:

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