Enjoy sweets and savory made with Osaka-produced Eemon! Afternoon tea made in Osaka to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the opening

Tokyu REI Hotel
Enjoy sweets and savory made with Osaka-produced Eemon! Afternoon tea made in Osaka to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the opening -We will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the opening in October 2023-
At the Shin-Osaka Esaka Tokyu REI Hotel (Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, in front of Esaka Station on the Midosuji Line, general manager: Hiroshi Tsukawaki), the restaurant “Delicious Kitchen EMONDEL” (Delicious From Friday, January 13, 2023 to Thursday, February 23, 2023, “40th Anniversary Afternoon Tea ~OSAKA~” will be on sale at Kitchen Emondel.
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https://www.tokyuhotels.co.jp/esaka-r/restaurant/plan/97633/index.html The Shin-Osaka Esaka Tokyu REI Hotel opened in 1983 and will celebrate its 40th anniversary on Sunday, October 1, 2023 with the support of many customers and local residents. This time, as the first
anniversary year project, we have prepared an afternoon tea to celebrate the anniversary year with sweets and savory arranged with local Osaka ingredients and Osaka specialty menus.
In the upper row, there is an arrangement of “pudding a la mode” using Osaka-produced “Takumi no Takumi Eggs” made for raw consumption by Osaka Prefecture certified “Takumi No Takumi” and mixed juice that is said to have originated in Osaka. “Eating Mixed Juice”. In the image of Hideyoshi’s tea room, which achieved unification of the world, “Daifuku” with luxurious use of gold leaf are lined up. In the past 40 years, we have experienced both sweet and sour tastes, and our desire to continue to be the hotel of choice for our customers is expressed in four layers of flavors in Emondell’s “opera.” You can enjoy the heart-shaped “Framboise Macarons” that express your gratitude. In the middle row, we used “Takumi no Takumi Egg” and “Bee Curry Powder”, a bee food that originated in Osaka, which developed Japan’s first domestically produced curry powder. You can enjoy “cream puff” and “fruit platter”.
The bottom row has savory items unique to Osaka. In addition to “Kushikatsu” and “Doteyaki quiche” from the rare Osaka Kuroge Wagyu “Naniwa Black Beef”, which can only be shipped 5 heads per month, “Kawachi Duck” from Osaka, which the chef personally visited the producer. will be served with “cured ham”. Kawachi duck is said to be the highest quality domestically produced duck, and is characterized by its freshness that can be eaten raw and the umami of its fat. For tea, we have prepared 4 flavored teas from Osaka’s tea brand amsu tea and the “Superior Honey Tea” from Lakshimi, a tea specialty store in Kobe.
Please enjoy the afternoon tea that focuses on local production for local consumption and local Osaka.

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Osaka-made (mon) refers to agricultural products, livestock products, forest products, marine products cultivated and produced in the Osaka area, and processed foods that use them as raw materials.
At Shin-Osaka Esaka Tokyu REI Hotel, we will continue to promote local production for local consumption, which Osaka Prefecture is working on, and contribute to the promotion of local specialty products through projects using Osaka-produced ingredients, while also reducing CO2 emissions by reducing distribution costs. We will contribute to environmental issues such as
For this afternoon tea, we will use “Agricultural Takumi Eggs”, “Naniwa Black Beef” and “Kawachi Duck”.
Overview of “40th Anniversary Afternoon Tea ~ OSAKA ~”
[Period] January 13, 2023 (Friday) to February 23 (Thursday / holiday) [Hours] 12:00-16:30 (Last entry 14:30) *120 minute system *Advance reservation required by 3 days before
[Fee] 4,400 yen per person
[Option] Free flow (sparkling wine, red wine, white wine, cassis vermouth, Kir Royale, mimosa, chacoli) + 1,800 yen
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-upper row-
Agricultural craftsman’s egg pudding a la mode
Eating mixed juice
Daifuku of the world ~ Kumquat, white bean paste, gyuhi wrapped in gold leaf ~ ●Four Layers of Taste ~EMONDEL Opera~
●[40th Anniversary of LOVE] ~Framboise Macaron~

[Image 4

-middle row-
● “Takoyaki” Chaimase ~Cream Puff Dennen~
●Spicy scones made with bee curry powder served with honey
Assorted fruit

[Image 5

-Lower row-
Doteyaki quiche
●Kawachi duck prosciutto ham served with pickles and olives
Naniwa Black Beef and Red Ginger Kushikatsu Served with Naniwa Specialty Kushikatsu Sauce *Double Pickling OK

[Drink] (free refills)
・Black tea *Pot exchange system.
●amsu tea (rose drops/orange fruit garden/vanilla cream/English breakfast) ● Lakshimi “Superb Honey Black Tea”
・Coffee (blend coffee/ice coffee)
※The photograph is an image.
*The menu may change depending on the availability of ingredients. *The displayed amount includes consumption tax (10%).
*Business hours and descriptions are subject to change.
[Customer reservations and inquiries]
Delicious Kitchen Emondell
TEL: 06-6338-4095 (direct)
[Efforts to prevent the spread of infectious diseases]
At Shin-Osaka Esaka Tokyu REI Hotel, we give top priority to the safety of our customers and employees, and will implement measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
https://www.tokyuhotels.co.jp/esaka-r/information/64707/index.html [Image 6d44410-247-9b156af61df0a66c0956-4.jpg&s3=44410-247-16ae7de771735607b2265c0898d3aef0-960x640.jpg
Delicious Kitchen EMONDEL
“A restaurant where you can feel the bustle and fun of Osaka, the kitchen of the world
Opened in September 2019 with the concept of “Trang”.
Enjoy the chef’s specialty dishes in a spacious space.
You can

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Shin-Osaka Esaka Tokyu REI Hotel
Location: 9-6 Toyotsucho, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture 564-0051 TEL: 06-6338-0109 (representative)

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