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Enjoy the world of numbers while reading a picture book! “Tasuhiku Neko” is published in the Asahi Shimbu n!

Micromagazine Co., Ltd.
[Enjoy the world of numbers while reading a picture book! ] “Tasuhiku Neko” is published in the Asahi Shimbun!

・Miraiya Picture Book Grand Prize Winner & Libro Picture Book Grand Prize Winner! The topical picture book “Tasuhiku Neko” quickly sold over 20,000 copies
・Many people praised it, saying, “A cute cat appears and you can even study math!”
・ “Neko Neko Math Print” that can be used during winter vacation is now available for free on the website
Micromagazine (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) published the picture book “Tasu Hiku Neko” in the Asahi Shimbun on December 27th.
[Image 1

[Image 2

Tasuku cat
Written by Niwa / Supervised by Chiaki Osako
ISBN: 9784867161395
List price: 1,320 yen (main unit 1,200 yen + tax 10%)
An introduction video of the work is also available on YouTube!
Talk about acquiring a mathematical perspective and way of thinking! “It was also useful for math.”
The picture book “Tasuhiku Neko” is highly praised by readers and bookstore staff.
In addition to enjoying the story of the cats’ “exciting adventure journey”, With the “cat counter” on each page, you can check how many friends you have now You can feel the nature of “addition” and “subtraction”.
[Image 3

There is a “cat counter” somewhere on the page that lets you know how many cats you have!
The picture book is supervised by a mathematics coach certified by the Japan Mathematical Testing Association and an executive instructor for infant math.
Mr. Chiaki Osako.
While being excited about the appearance of the cats that continue to loosely search for treasure,
By being conscious of the number of cats, you can enjoy the world of numbers naturally.
[Image 4

The total number of copies has exceeded 20,000, and this picture book is a hot topic right now as it was introduced in YAHOO! News. [Synopsis]
After finding a treasure map, the cats set off on an adventure. “Where’s your money, keep recommending”
However, the cats fell out one after another as they got involved in various troubles.
Will you be able to find the treasure?
This is a math picture book where you can enjoy the story while imagining addition and subtraction.
[Supervised by Chiaki Osako]
I call words that are associated with numbers and quantities (size, weight, length, etc.) “Sansu Kotoba”.
‘How many will there be? “Which one is bigger?” “Such,
It would be a good idea to read aloud while supplementing the “calculus words”. It is useful not only for 10’s complement and number
synthesis/decomposition (addition/subtraction), but also for acquiring a mathematical perspective and way of thinking.
Great for winter vacation! “Neko Neko Math Print” is available for free! [Image 5

You can study mathematics with the cats that appear in the picture book “Tasuhiku Neko”.
“Neko Neko Math Print” is available for free up to Vol.10 on the [Children’s Book Editorial Department Homepage].
The content is supervised by Chiaki Osako, just like the picture book, and you can enjoy interacting with Sansu.
In addition, there are other contents that you can play with the picture book, such as “Omen”, “Neko Meiro”, and “Neko Neko Sugoroku”. Free download available. Please use all means.
“Tasuhiku Neko” (Men, Meiro, Triangle Print, Sugoroku) Free Download Page
Author information
Written by Niwa
Born in Nagano prefecture. Graduated from Joshibi Junior College of Art. After working as a graphic designer and art director at an advertising company, he has been engaged in manufacturing and creative activities that can be used in everyday life.
Before I knew it, I had spent most of my life with cats. Recently, I think that not only the cat itself but also the lettering is cute. Author of “Momo-chan, Interfering Cat, and Christmas” (Micro Magazine) Motto “No cat, No life.”
Supervision: Chiaki Osako
Born in Osaka Prefecture. Graduated from Sophia University.
Japan Mathematics Certification Association Certified Mathematics Coach & Infant Math Executive Instructor
After teaching mathematics for junior high school entrance exams at a major private tutoring school, he opened the infant math school SPICA (R).
We are currently focusing on training leaders.
His books include “What parents of children who can do math do” (PHP Bunko). Micro Magazine Co., Ltd. Kodomo no Hon Editorial Department
[Image 6

The Kodomo no Hon editorial department has published over 1.5 million copies of “Okaasan Hane” and
“Obentobako-san Hello!” ”, “Tasuhiku Neko”, etc.
We publish a wide variety of books.
Kodomo no Hon editorial department official website: [Image 7

Furthermore, on each SNS account of the Kodomo no Hon editorial department, Newly published information on books for children, mainly picture books, how to play videos,
Various information such as gift campaigns are also being sent! Twitter
YouTube TikTok
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