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Enoshima Marine Corporation Co., Ltd. Special exhibition “Recommendation of new toads”

Enoshima Marine Corporation Co., Ltd.
Plan exhibition “recommendation of new toad”

For some reason, people tend to shy away from toads just because of their appearance…
However, I can feel the loveliness of that limp body, the way she walks, and the dignified, slightly angry face. I will tell you the charm of such a toad.
At the World Freshwater Aquarium “Aqua Toto Gifu” (Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture Director: Koki Ikeya, we will hold a special exhibition to convey the charm of toads.
Exhibit all the toads that live in Japan
Exhibits 4 native species and 1 alien species living in Japan. In addition to introducing the toad’s life cycle with panels, we plan to display the eggs, tadpoles, juveniles, and adults of the common toad. Compare the size of juveniles and adults. (Eggs and tadpoles will be exhibited in spring)
[Image 1

Miyako Toad

Depending on the region, there are concerns about extinction, and there is also a side that wields fierceness as an alien species. Even if it is the same species, there is concern that it may become extinct in its original habitat, but it also has a significant negative impact on ecosystems in areas where it did not originally inhabit. We will introduce the protection and capture efforts in each place.
[Image 2

Common toad

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[Period] December 17, 2022 (Sat)-April 9, 2023 (Sun)
[Exhibition contents] Living body exhibition, panel commentary, specimens, video introduction, etc.

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