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ESG Tech’s PID Co., Ltd. has joined JEITA’s “Green x Digital Consortium” and has started a demonstration experiment to visualize supply chain CO2 emissions.

ESG Tech’s PID Co., Ltd. has joined JEITA’s “Green x Digital Consortium” and has started a demonstration experiment to visualize supply chain CO2 emissions.

PID Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shiro Shimada; hereinafter referred to as “PID”) of ESG Tech is a general incorporated association of Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA: Representative
Director/Chairman Takahito Tokita Fujitsu Limited). We are pleased to announce that we have participated in the “Green x Digital
Consortium”, whose secretariat is the President and CEO), and have started a demonstration experiment of inter-company CO2 data exchange for the visualization of supply chain CO2 emissions.
Background of participation
We have developed the world by pursuing economic rationality and created a wonderful world. On the other hand, it also created various “distortions” in the world.
Global warming due to climate change, which is accelerated by anthropogenic CO2 emissions, is also one of the “distortions.” It can be said that the transition to a decarbonized economy that minimizes climate change is one of the social issues on which the fate of all humankind depends.
However, even if we simply say, “We will make a transition to a decarbonized economy,” the reality is that only players who are experts in the field know exactly what to do. In addition, promoting decarbonization measures without considering economic rationality is considered to be one factor that puts pressure on corporate
management. Based on these facts, it is believed that it will be essential to achieve sustainable decarbonization measures by balancing the contradictory phenomena of reducing CO2 while maintaining economic rationality in order to succeed in implementing decarbonization measures in the future. increase.
In this demonstration experiment, based on the “CO2 visualization framework” and “technical specifications for data linkage,” companies in various industries calculated emissions data using a common method, and data was linked between different solutions. , ensure that supply chain CO2 emissions can be captured accurately and efficiently. About the Green x Digital Consortium
(The following is quoted from the website of the Green x Digital Consortium) The aim is to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality by 2050 by optimizing Japan’s industry and society as a whole through initiatives related to the digitization of environment-related fields and the creation of new business models.
Green x Digital Consortium:
About Cyanoba
“Cyanoba” is a service that combines PID’s SaaS development
capabilities and UI/UX design capabilities with ABeam Consulting’s highly specialized know-how based on its GX consulting experience to support both corporate management and achieving carbon neutrality. By centrally managing energy consumption/emissions data together with cost information, it is possible to analyze simulation evaluations and investment plans for the revision of the roadmap for the realization of GX. It also has an optional function that streamlines operations related to CO2 emissions calculation, etc. by automating data collection through API connection/RPA introduction. In addition, we also provide analysis and reporting support for external reporting such as the Energy Conservation Act and GRESB (*), and GX consulting that supports the formulation and review of strategic roadmaps. These functions and services are flexibly combined and provided according to various needs such as corporate carbon neutral goals and industry characteristics.
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