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Ethereum Staking Committee Free online event “Ethereum Staking Industry Map 2023” will be held to explai n industry trends in the staking business in Japan.

Ethereum Staking Committee
[Free online event] “Ethereum Staking Industry Map 2023” will be held to explain industry trends in the staking business in Japan. You can see the actual situation of industrial application of Ethereum staking. This is a first-come, first-served online event limited to 30 people.

Ethereum moved from mining to staking by The merge. How is the business environment surrounding Ethereum staking changing? Mr. Yudai Suzuki, co-founder of Fracton Ventures, will explain the latest chaos map.

[Ethereum Staking Industry Map 2023]
Time: January 26, 2023 8pm start
Participation fee: Free
Participation qualification: Up to 30 people Event schedule
Part 1 Fracton Ventures Co-Founder Mr. Yudai Suzuki explains the chaos map Part 2 Panel discussion with ICOVO CTO Shoichi Nishimura Peatix application link
URL: ■ Profile of Yudai Suzuki Co-founder of Fracton Ventures
Ethereum Staking Committee Board Member
Co-Founder, Actively promoting and working in Fintech industry since 2017. ex-Money Partners Group
■About Fracton Ventures Co., Ltd. Fracton Ventures is a group of experts who co-create the future of Web 3.0 not as supporters but as contributors.
Toward the realization of a Web 3.0 society, we will carry out activities to help the global ecosystem,
Advice on fostering sustainable and open protocols.
・Enlightenment activities in the Web 3.0 area (research and training) ・Direct commitment to DAO as a corporation (community participation, development, planning and design)
・Develop existing Web 3.0 products in Japan
■ About ICOVO
Smart contract DAICOVO that implements the concept DAICO that incorporates the DAO that protects investors from illegal fund raising advocated by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in 2018, and at the same time Ethereum and ERC20 compatible wallet ICOVO App (IOS / Android). release. In 2019, we spun out a joint venture “Gene Idol” that generates idols with AI image generation engine GAN and converts them to NFT. In 2021, we will release VELOCITY, a solution that allows you to privately build Ethereum Layer 2 chains like Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum as a countermeasure against Ethereum’s high gas costs and scalability. In addition, he received a grant from the Ethereum Foundation and launched the Ethereum Staking Committee, which should conduct educational activities on Ethereum staking. Blockchain-related startups based in Switzerland and Japan with members living in London, Silicon Valley, Singapore, and Tokyo. In July 2022, the PFP-based NFT character art project Shizuk will be launched.
ICOVO AG Established April 2017 CEO Akihiro Yamase CTO Shoichi Nishimura Headquarters: Zug, Switzerland Subsidiary in Japan: ICOVO Japan Co., Ltd.
■About the Ethereum Staking Committee The Ethereum Staking Committee will disseminate correct knowledge about Ethereum staking in Japan. In addition, staking will become more accessible, and we will support all organizations and individuals who are active as validators. We hope that more people will deepen their understanding of the blockchain, understand what kind of potential the Ethereum blockchain has for the world, and cooperate in further developing this network. is active. -Implementation history- Ethereum 2.0 main developer Danny Ryan’s AMA event “When will Ethereum 2.0 officially launch?” Held on October 26, 2021 Co-representatives: Akihiro Yamase, Shoichi Nishimura (ICOVO ) Advisors: Aya Miyaguchi, Danny Ryan (Ethereum Foundation) Established August 2021
■About the Ethereum Foundation A foundation that supports the Ethereum ecosystem, founded by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and led by Executive Director Aya Miyaguchi.

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