ETS Holdings Co., Ltd. Transmission line construction company ETS Holdings holds safety and health convention

ETS Holdings Co., Ltd.
ETS Holdings, a power transmission line construction company, held a safety and health convention
-Thorough sustainable safety management to prevent occupational accidents-
ETS Holdings Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Nobuaki Kato, Securities Code: 1789, hereinafter “ETS”), an electrical construction company that develops electric power, equipment, and renewable energy businesses, announced on November 30. The 2020 (108th) Safety and Health Convention was held at the Toshima Industrial Promotion Plaza. About 50 people from our cooperating companies and others participated on the day, and it was a grand event.
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Mr. Nobuaki Kato, Representative Director of the Company, giving a speech At the beginning, after a moment of silence for those who suffered from industrial accidents, the president of our company gave a greeting, followed by greetings from Mr. Shirahama, Chief of the Ikebukuro Labor Standards Inspection Office, and Mr. Saito of TEPCO Power Grid. Kasamaki Electric Construction Co., Ltd. and Showa Denko Co., Ltd., which are our cooperating companies, were awarded safety awards for the fiscal year. In addition, safety reports and case examples were announced, and at the end of the event, representatives of our company sang a pledge of safety, renewing our pledge of zero accidents and zero disasters in the future.
■ ETS Holdings CEO Shinsho Kato’s comment
Our company has two basic policies for health and safety. The first is that “safety and health initiatives are the most important management issue, and each employee shares the recognition that “safety and health are the basis of management.” The other is to ensure that all employees and cooperating company employees are fully aware of this through safety education and training both inside and outside the company, aiming for zero accidents.
The construction industry faces problems such as shortages and aging of engineers and skilled workers. In order to prevent an increase in occupational accidents even in such a situation, we will use this competition as an opportunity to work together to create a workplace environment where everyone can work safely and with peace of mind, with an even greater sense of urgency. Thank you for your
2023 Basic Policy on Occupational Health and Safety
・Through safety education and various in-house training, we will ensure that all employees and employees of partner companies are thoroughly familiar with the basic policy and action guidelines, aiming for zero accidents.
・Based on the recognition that efforts for safety and health are one of the most important management issues, each employee and partner company employee will share the recognition that “safety and health are the basis of management.”
We will continue to promote and improve occupational safety and health activities with the aim of creating a safe and comfortable working environment for our employees.
■Safety Award
Recognize the importance of safety and strive to prevent occupational accidents. We commended cooperating companies that have greatly contributed to our worksites with their outstanding technology and knowledge.
Cooperating Company Award Kasamaki Electrical Construction Co., Ltd. Cooperating company award Showa Denko Co., Ltd.
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Award ceremony for Kasamaki Electric Works Co., Ltd.
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Presenting an award to Showa Denko Co., Ltd. (on behalf of our employee)

■Safety slogan award
We solicited safety slogans from within the company, and among the submitted works, the slogan created by an employee of our Tohoku Power Transmission Division was selected, and an award was given.
Gold Award (construction safety)
“Don’t be lazy, point and call in a loud voice, in order to pass on the safety that has continued for 100 years to the future.”
■ Oath of safety
Our employees sang together a pledge of safety. We will continue to promote further safety activities and continue to strive for zero accidents and disasters.
-Text below-
“We, who are involved in electrical installation work, are aware of the inherent danger of work-related accidents at worksites, and we will continue to make continuous efforts to reduce potential risks and work toward preventing work-related accidents. Today. We will take the opportunity of this safety competition to renew our resolve and thoroughly implement the following items.
one. We firmly follow the “ABC of safety” at all times.
[A] Don’t make a fool of [B] and do [C] properly.
two. We will not overdo it. Ask for help, “Please help me.”
We will not overdo it. I call out, “Can I help you?”
three. We don’t rush, we don’t rush, we don’t skip work.
We reach out to check points, and we do pointing and calling firmly today as well.
four. We obey traffic rules, always drive safely, and strive to improve our manners.
We pledge to work together to promote the above measures and aim to create a safe and comfortable working environment. ”
■Company profile
About ETS Holdings Co., Ltd.
ETS Holdings was founded in 1922 and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in February 2021. Our strengths are high-level engineers, unique development technology, and a wealth of construction experience centered on the three pillars of the electric power business, equipment business, and renewable energy business. In the future, as a pioneer in electric power construction and electrical equipment construction, we will boldly challenge the realization of a
decarbonized society, next-generation telecommunications technology, and other new fields, create a new 100-year company, and improve the value of the corporate group. Aim.
Founded: February 1922
Established: December 1935
Representative: Nobuaki Kato, President and Representative Director Capital: 989.66 million yen
Business: Electric power business, facility business, renewable energy business Head office: 1-10-13 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
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