EVERY.LIVE Co., Ltd. Collaboration event with live distribution app “EVERY.LIVE” and long-established Kyot o cosmetics “Yojiya”! Livers who have won the audition appear in advertisements in front of Shibuya Hachiko!

Live distribution app “EVERY .LIVE” will hold a collaboration event with the long-established Kyoto cosmetics “Yojiya”! Livers who have won the audition appear in advertisements in front of Shibuya Hachiko! Publication period: 2022/12/19 ~ 2023/1/1

Live distribution app “EVERY.LIVE” operated by EVERY.LIVE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Naoyuki Sasaki) is a long-established Kyoto cosmetics store “Yojiya”, which is familiar with oil blotting paper. We held a collaboration event with Livers who win the audition will appear in front of Shibuya Hachiko as signage advertising models.
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Location: JR Shibuya Station Hachiko Exit Digital Signage
Publication period: 2022/12/19 (Mon) ~ 2023/1/1 (Sun)
■Rivers who won the collaboration event are posted!
In the signage advertisement in front of Shibuya Hachiko, the rivers (3 people) who won the collaboration event held at “EVERY .LIVE” will appear!
-Posted Liver Information-
Liver name: Yurin
Event Ranking: 1st
Placement: Bottom
Profile: https://elv01.page.link/sJ7ASe7AENzjjuFc9
Liver name: Mayuyuka
Event Ranking: 2nd
Placement: Upper left
Profile: https://elv01.page.link/KPv2PsoB5xJwESG3A
Liver name: Ramunyan
Event ranking: 3rd place
Placement: Upper right
Profile: https://elv01.page.link/uvLDTWkyYvmRaAYD7
The 1st prize winner will receive a JTB travel ticket of 20,000 yen as an invitation to Kyoto!
In addition, three people were presented with an assortment set of popular Yojiya products.
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-Corporate Information-
Yojiya Official Website: https://www.yojiya.co.jp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yojiya_official/
■ “EVERY .LIVE” is looking for a river!
“EVERY .LIVE” holds collaborative events with companies in various genres. In addition, there are plenty of exciting events such as large offline events and unusual original events! Please take this opportunity to enjoy the live distribution on “EVERY .LIVE”.
* Click here for the driver application
■ How to watch “EVERY .LIVE”
You can install EVERY .LIVE from the URL below and watch the broadcast. https://app.adjust.com/kfo3llg
“EVERY .LIVE”, which has a mission of “Good for Everyone-Creating a world where everyone becomes positive-”, has a cumulative download count of 500,000 and sales of 1 billion yen (as of October 2022). It is a rapidly growing live distribution app that is breaking through. We will provide functions, events, and environments where people can experience “excitement,” “joy,” “laughter,” “impression,” “peace of mind,” “hope,” and “surprise” that make people positive.
■ EVERY .LIVE’s approach to social issues
We will work to solve the problem of loneliness and isolation, which is aggravated by the weakening of social ties. Through various experiences of EVERY .LIVE, users and rivers of all ages who have social anxiety who cannot rely on anyone or consult with anyone can gain energy and vitality to overcome loneliness and isolation, and everyone can become positive. We aim to realize a society and a world where
-Service related URL-
Official LINE: https://lin.ee/RPW93Nz
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/EVERYLIVE_
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/everylive_/
Official TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@every.live.jp
Official note: https://note.com/everylive
Official website: https://everylive.jp/
Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@every.liveyoutube9342 Details about this release:


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