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Excelsoft launches development tool suite “Intel(R) oneAPI 2023” that supports application optimization, acceleration, and multi-architecture programming

Excelsoft Co., Ltd.
Excelsoft launches development tool suite “Intel(R) oneAPI 2023” that supports application optimization, acceleration, and
multi-architecture programming
Excelsoft Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo) has started selling the latest version of the “Intel(R) oneAPI toolkit” that supports
multi-architecture programming.

Excelsoft Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo) announces the latest version 2023 of the software development tool suite “Intel(R) oneAPI toolkit” that supports application optimization and acceleration and
multi-architecture programming. Sales in Japan started on December 19, 2022 (Monday).
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Intel(R) oneAPI Toolkit Latest Version 2023 Released
◆◇ Product name ◆◇
Intel(R) oneAPI Base Toolkit
Intel(R) oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit
Intel(R) oneAPI Base & IoT Toolkit
Intel(R) oneAPI Base & Rendering Toolkit
◆◇ Product Overview ◆◇
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Intel(R) oneAPI Base Toolkit
In order to efficiently process today’s data-centric workloads, it is common to use computational accelerators such as GPUs and FPGAs. The Intel(R) oneAPI toolkit is optimized for Intel(R) processors and supports different hardware such as GPUs and FPGAs provided by Intel(R). It supports a unified programming model for parallel use of software, reducing the burden on software developers who need to maximize performance on current and future Intel platforms.
The Intel(R) oneAPI toolkit includes SYCL*, C++ and Python* support for multiple accelerator architectures such as Intel CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs. Four configurations to support development: a base toolkit containing compilers, performance libraries, performance analysis tools, and more, plus specialized tools to meet the needs of HPC, IoT, and rendering applications I have a toolkit.
Commonly, it supports Windows* and Linux* operating systems, and some components also support macOS*. It can also be used by integrating with Microsoft* Visual Studio* or Eclipse*.
◆◇ Intel(R) oneAPI 2023 new function ◆◇
Intel(R) oneAPI 2023 continues to provide developers with superior performance and productivity across a variety of architectures. The main new features since version 2022 released in December 2021 are as follows.
■ Support Intel’s latest CPU/GPU architectures and their advanced features: ・ 4th Generation Intel(R) Xeon(R) Scalable Processor (codenamed Sapphire Rapids) and Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor with High Bandwidth Memory Intel(R) Advanced Matrix Extension for Max Series (Intel(R) AMX), Intel(R) AVX- including bfloat16 support 512 etc.
Intel(R) Data Center GPU Flex Series, Intel(R) Arc(TM) A Series Graphics Hardware AV1 Encoder
・ Intel(R) Xe Matrix Extension (I Network (R) XMX) and Vector Engine etc. ■ Compiler for multi-architecture programming:
・Progress in SYCL* 2020 specification support by the Intel(R) oneAPI DPC++/C++ compiler and the Intel(R) oneAPI DPC++ library (R) oneDPL)’ extended SYCL* support for the Standard C++ Template Library further improves portability and productivity in multi-architecture
・”INTE(R) DPC++ Compatibility Tool” is based on the open source SYCLomatic, and contains more CUDA* C/C++ source code, including calls to CUDA* libraries such as cuBLAS and cuDNN. , can now be converted to commented source code that makes calls to the SYCL* and oneAPI libraries based on open standards.
■ Performance Library:
・”Intel(R) oneAPI Math Kernel Library (Intel(R) oneMKL)” functions with the equivalent library API in CUDA* for BLAS and FFT improved compatibility. It also provides interfaces for offload programming for Intel GPUs with SYCL* and C/Fortran’s OpenMP*.
・Intel(R) data center GPU by API of “Intel(R) oneAPI Video Processing Library (Intel(R) oneVPL) Flex Series, Intel(R) Arc(TM) A-Series graphics hardware AV1 codec available.
■ Analysis tools:
・The application performance snapshot function of Intel(R) VTune(TM) Profiler can identify MPI imbalance problems. 4th Generation Intel(R) Xeon(R) Scalable Processors, Intel(R) Data Center GPU Max Series, 13th Generation Intel(R) ) Added support for Core(TM) processors (codename Raptor Lake).
・Intel(R) Advisor now supports Intel(R) Data Center GPU Max series for automatic roofline analysis. Offload modeling also provides actionable recommendations for optimizing data movement costs from CPU to GPU. ■ High Performance Computing:
The new Intel® Fortran Compiler, based on LLVM technology, now supports all Fortran 2003, Fortran 2008 and Fortran 2018 features, plus more OpenMP* 5.x features. Co-Array allows parallelization without using external APIs such as MPI in the program. It also supports Intel GPU offloading with DO CONCURRENT statements and OpenMP* target clauses.
(Features for High Performance Computing are supported only in Intel(R) oneAPI-based & HPC toolkits)
■ Rendering and Visual Computing:
・ The “Intel(R) Implicit SPMD Program Compiler Runtime Library” for achieving high-speed SIMD performance on the CPU has been added to the component.
・Intel(R) Open Volume Kernel Library improves memory layout efficiency for VDB volumes and reduces the usage rate of Intel(R) AVX-512. can now be adjusted.
・”Intel (R) OSPRay” and “Intel (R) OSPRay Studio” have multiple rendering functions and an instance ID buffer that can be used to create segmentation images for AI training. has been added.
(For Rendering and Visual Computing features, support is provided only in the Intel(R) oneAPI Base & Rendering Toolkit.)
◆◇ Product composition ◆◇
The Intel (R) oneAPI Toolkit paid product is priced according to the number of developers (toolkit users) who need support in using it for each intended use of the toolkit. It is sold at By purchasing one of the “Intel (R) oneAPI Toolkit” paid products and registering as a user, you can download the latest and past versions of the software, and additional content such as Japanese documents. Support services are available for a limited time, including access to and access to technical support in Japanese.
Regarding the conventional Intel(R) software development product “Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE” or “Intel(R) System Studio” Customers with valid and continuing licenses for Support Services may transfer their remaining Support Services period to the corresponding Intel(R) oneAPI Toolkit paid product. I can do it.
◆◇ Price ◆◇
[Table 2: ]
*The above prices are for one specific user with support for the first year. You can refer to the price for each condition on our web page, such as when more people use support. For product details and quotations, please contact us from our website. ◆◇ About Excelsoft Co., Ltd. ◆◇
Excelsoft Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Satoshi Kanda, TEL 03-5440-7875) is a global software distributor that sells excellent software from around the world, mainly software development tools, to Japan and Asia. doing. Compilers, test automation, Office file compatible API libraries, PDF forms, API platforms, device driver development, application development components, mobile application development, help creation, security software, network monitoring, DevOps, cloud services, etc., supporting the IT environment. We provide software products and services that meet the needs of the times. We also provide software localization services for Japanese and other languages.
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