Exciting experience with pure gold 2023 is the year of the rabbit. Debut of “pure gold amulet for the year of the rabbit” made of real gold. “JUNGOLD”

RAIN Co., Ltd.
[Exciting experience with pure gold] 2023 is the year of the rabbit. Debut of “pure gold amulet for the year of the rabbit” made of real gold. “JUNGOLD”
Limited sale until January 16 at the support purchase service Makuake.
With the theme of “exciting experiences with pure gold,” RAIN Co., Ltd. (head office: Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo; representative: Masamichi Ishikawa) is challenging new ideas for pure gold with asset value. Following the “Amulet of the Year of the Rabbit”, the 2023 “Pure Gold Rabbit Year Amulet” is now on sale at the support purchase service Makuake. 99.9% gold, 4 types of cute rabbit year designs made of pure gold, 3 types of prices: 8,888 yen, 18,888 yen, and 188,888 yen. The application period is until January 16, 2023.
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Makuake Project Overview
Project period: December 16, 2022 (Friday) 22:00 to January 16, 2023 (Monday) Project URL: https://www.makuake.com/project/usagi2023/
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“Pure gold amulet for the year of the rabbit” This is the point! ・“2023 Year of the Rabbit” Make a new start and make a leap forward! A cute rabbit is always with you.
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・Enjoy both asset value and exciting experience.
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Over the past few years, the price of gold has soared by more than 3,000 yen. Now that prices are rising, attention is focused on gold, which is a valuable material.
・Appeared in 4 types of designs, including auspicious cup rabbit, oval coin, coin, motif, and attention to detail.
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Pure gold small (approx. 0.3g), large (approx. 1g), please also see our pure gold production technology.
・Extra-large 10g size also available: 188,888 yen
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・In 2022, the pure gold amulet for the Year of the Tiger will exceed 10 million yen.
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In the Makukake project in 2022, a pure gold amulet for the year of the tiger will debut. In about two weeks, we received support purchases of over 10 million yen.
・ Introduction of support return products
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[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/114108/table/1_1_7c592fbc690f9ced01d56ec2ad0744e1.jpg ]

・What is Jungold?
“Gold is getting more and more attention due to rising gold prices” In the 2020 corona shock, the gold price has exceeded 7,000 yen per gram for the first time in history, while various values ​​have declined. Naturally, the number of people selling gold increased, but there was a situation in which the number of people buying gold increased at the same rate. Under such circumstances, we started “JUNGOLD”, an exciting experience with pure gold, to make new ideas into products using the valuable material of pure gold.
・RAIN Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 mainly for the purpose of recycling jewelry. Since its founding, in addition to the wholesale operation of mainly diamonds, gold, and platinum, since 2018, we have been focusing on manufacturing. In particular, we started “JUNGOLD”, which specializes in manufacturing pure gold. To date, we have implemented more than 50 projects and received support of more than 80 million yen, mainly from the support purchase service Makukake and corporate OEMs. In addition, from 2023, a full-fledged pure gold subscription service is scheduled to start.
Official HP / SNS
・ HP: https://www.2020rain.com/
・Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jungold2020/
・Twitter: https://twitter.com/jungold2020
-Corporate Information-
Company name: RAIN Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Masamichi Ishikawa
Headquarters 〒1110034 2-11-9 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo Kigujo Building 3F Office 〒1110042 Shinzan Building 2F, 2-9-17 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-5830-3400
Established: December 4, 2015
Business: Jewelry wholesale, retail, corporate OEM
-Inquiries about coverage and services-
Mail: rainrain20151111@gmail.com

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