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Experience-based VR adventure game “Go with Kunoichi! ~ Beautiful girl ninja and secret special training ~”, started activities at Ci-en from December 1st

ImagineVR Inc.
Experience-based VR adventure game “Go with Kunoichi! ~ Beautiful girl ninja and secret special training ~”, started activities at Ci-en from December 1st
Free trials of PC version, PCVR version, Quest version (v.1.1) are also being distributed

LOS ANGELES -December 1, 2022-ImagineVR Inc., which publishes VR games, has released a new VR game, “Go with Kunoichi!” ~Beauty girl ninja and secret special training~” has been announced to start production on the creator support platform “Ci-en”. Along with this, “Go with Kunoichi! (v.1.1) PC version*, PCVR version, and Quest version are now available for free trial.
*The PC version can be played on the desktop without a VR environment. [Image 1

■ “Go with Kunoichi! ~ Beautiful girl ninja and secret special training ~” Ci-en page
Currently, we are already active on the creator support platform “Patreon” in North America, but we will also start activities on the support platform “Ci-en”, which has many users in Japan.
Ci-en users are ranked as free plan, Initiate, Trainee, Assassin, Shinobi, Master, and the information obtained differs depending on the subscription plan. In the case of the Master plan, there are also gorgeous benefits such as ASMR content where the character calls the name of the supporter. Except for the free plan, if the total amount of support reaches 3500 yen, the final version of the game can be obtained at the time of release.
■ Announcement trailer:
[Video 2:] “Go with Kunoichi! is a story-based adventure game. The user plays as Hachiro, the son of the head of the ninja group “Iizuna-ryu” and a candidate for the next head of the family. Hachiro meets a kunoichi deep in the mountains and undergoes trials to become the head of the kunoichi harem, a tengu.
The game will consist of two parts:
・A story-driven adventure.
・A simulation-type mini-game in which the player interacts with Kunoichi in VR. Core features:
・A heartwarming story featuring charming kunoichi characters will be released in order of episodes.
・Realize interactive experience-based gameplay in VR.
・Character design by popular artist Mogera Tsuyuuki.
・DJ SHARPNEL feat. Cool and edgy songs and songs by Natsu Aikawa. ・A scenario with a comical and branching ending written by Kakomiki. ・Binaural audio content that makes you feel like you are surrounded by characters using ASMR.
・More announcements will be made in the future.
This work is a VR girlfriend simulator that attracted attention in Japan and overseas, “Nanai-chan asobo! is being jointly developed by Portalgraph, a new studio by members of VRJCC, who developed “Nanai-chan to Asobo!”, and ImagineVR. ], we aim to develop an epoch-making VR game.
■ “Go with Kunoichi! ] Official website:
■ “Go with Kunoichi! ] Discord:
■ “Go with Kunoichi! ] Twitter:
[“Go with Kunoichi! -Beautiful girl ninja and secret special training-” Overview]
Title: “Go with Kunoichi! ~Pretty Ninja and Secret Training~ Genre: VR Adventure
Compatible models: PC, Oculus Quest (VR) / PC (Non-VR) *Additional announcements will be made at any time
Supported languages: Interface: English, Japanese, Chinese
Korean, German, French, Spanish
Full audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English/Japanese/Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean, German, French, Spanish
Price: TBD
Release date: Undecided
[Image 2d96681-1-f84b847ecd80bbc35e56-1.jpg&s3=96681-1-7dc2c06f0281951b84df7016b8fc7ff5-3354x1852.jpg
[Image 3d96681-1-0f079695a8ebee1ffda4-3.jpg&s3=96681-1-a53300d7f3cc73d6d48dde2c73b583e4-3354x1852.jpg
[Image 4d96681-1-40d46825681f84ee1e86-2.jpg&s3=96681-1-2287326b1dc26a3173682224fe937ac6-3354x1852.jpg
[Image 5d96681-1-4276f25e2ef420e92e6f-5.jpg&s3=96681-1-7cb3beaf4fdf6df991adc4f5387b1eec-2000x1122.jpg
[Image 6d96681-1-c74e9b6f4cfd8cacad48-4.jpg&s3=96681-1-c9d643e60ca7fa1efe18cbffb10babf9-3360x1872.jpg
About ImagineVR Inc.
ImagineVR is a virtual reality content platformer ( ) located in California, North America. We have partnered with DLsite, Japan’s largest 2D content sales service with over 7 million registered users, to accelerate our global expansion. Furthermore, we are expanding our publishing services through close collaboration with indie developers. We will provide development, global marketing, and community management support with an eye on the overseas market from the beginning, and actively challenge the creation of a Web 3rd generation community. We also plan to experiment with community-based blockchain technology in the future.
About Portalgraph
Portalgraph is a company established for the development of new VR technology by the creator team of the hands-on VR simulator “Let’s Play with Nanai!” We have released various innovative software such as VR projectors, VR games, and VR game engines.
About DLsite
DLsite is Japan’s largest two-dimensional content download sales service used by over 7 million users. We distribute over 440,000 works created by over 54,000 creators to the world.
In recent years, the number of users not only in Japan but also overseas is increasing, and it is attracting attention from Europe, the United States, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.
Details about this release:

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