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“Fantastical Scenery Art Book & Making Techniques” will be released in January!

Graphic-sha Co., Ltd.
“Fantastical Scenery Art Book & Making Techniques” will be released in January!
Graphic-sha will release the book “Fantasy Landscape Art Book & Making Technique” in January 2023.
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We have worked on popular fantasy games that everyone knows
By background painter R.E.C.
Introducing 82 gems that show the points of game background techniques! Mainly published on SNS, the author’s carefully selected works are posted all at once, centering on the illustration series “Fantasy Landscape”, which has been enthusiastically supported by many game lovers. In addition, the two works used for the cover thoroughly explain the author’s original technique.
Thorough commentary on 82 gems that immerse you in a fantasy world full of color and light!
The author’s original fantasy landscape painting series is classified into five categories: “Fantasy landscape painting”, “Fantasy Kabukicho”, “Fantasy amusement park”, “NEO TOKYO”, and “ART WORKS”. All works include commentary by the author that understands the world view and discerning technique points. Some even post valuable rough drawings!
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Detailed explanation of the original technique with two newly drawn works! In the two works, the cover and the back cover, drawn for this book, the original techniques unique to the author, who is good at texture making, are fully disclosed. With 20 pages each and a total of 150 illustrations, a wealth of technical points are thoroughly explained. Recommended for those who want to learn how to draw R.E.C.
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table of contents
CHAPTER1 Fantastic landscape painting collection: Fantastic landscape painting series, Fantastic Kabukicho series, Fantastic amusement park series, NEO TOKYO series, ART WORKS series
CHAPTER2 Making Technique: Making 1 “Underwater City of Fantasy”, Making 2 “The Ancient Monument”
Author profile
Author: R.E.C.
Born in Tokyo in 1992. After working at a video company, joined Square Enix Co., Ltd. as a designer and artist. Participated in the development of works that represent the company, such as the “FINAL FANTASY” series and “Seiken Densetsu” series. After that, he became a freelancer and belonged to an art studio in Tokyo, where he supervised projects, while also producing game art, visual design for
restaurants, live decoration production, and design production. As a personal creation, he draws a “fantasy landscape series” and posts it on SNS. Selling videos about the know-how to draw beautiful
backgrounds at CLASS101.
He is the author of “How to draw a background that leads to work” (Shoeisha). Twitter:
Book information
Book title: Fantasy Landscape Art Book & Making Technique
Author: R.E.C.
Release date: January 2023
Specifications: B5 normal product Total 160 pages
List price: 2,420 yen (10% tax included)
ISBN: 978-4-7661-3710-1 [Inquiries about books]
Graphic-sha Co., Ltd.
1-14-17 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073
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