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Fastest social business success Collaboration between For Good and CO Blue Center, a multi-purpose facility for solving environmental problems

Borderless Japan Co., Ltd.
[Fastest social business success] Collaboration between For Good and CO Blue Center, a multi-purpose facility for solving environmental problems
Mr. Michiya Higashiyama was appointed as a special advisor to the “Good Team”. We support the verbalization of projects and the creation of pages that convey information to those who are considering crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding “For Good”, which specializes in projects to improve society, will collaborate with the “CO Blue Center,” an environmental problem-solving complex facility scheduled to be completed in Shima City, Mie Prefecture, in the spring of 2023. Instead, we have started offering benefits for volunteers “Good Team” who can support projects through “SNS diffusion” and “project planning consultation”. In addition, Mr. Michiya Higashiyama, representative of CO Blue Center, was appointed as a special advisor to Good Team.
For those who are considering launching crowdfunding with For Good, we will provide strategic support such as proposing titles and
catchphrases and setting returns.
[Image 1

(*1) For Good is operated by Borderless Japan Co., Ltd.
(Representative Director: Kazunari Taguchi / Headquarters:
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo).
For Good (*1) Official Website:
Click here for details on “CO Blue Center”:
Background of cooperation
A wide range of people, from individuals to NPOs and companies, use crowdfunding “For Good” to improve society, and more than 200 projects have been launched since the service started in May 2022. So far, For Good has strengthened support for running alongside social issues from the perspective of solving social issues, and has launched a series of projects to promote social business launches and businesses aimed at solving social issues.
This time, we will create a new “environment where you can work with peace of mind” and “synergistic effects of business and advanced technology”, and while thinking and experiencing the richness of life, we aim to create a place for social business to succeed at the fastest speed Environmental problem-solving type Started cooperation with CO Blue Center, a complex facility. By supporting the launch of crowdfunding by office tenants, we will expand the circle of solutions to social issues.
In addition, Mr. Michiya Higashiyama, the representative of the CO Blue Center, was appointed as the first “Specially Appointed Advisor” of Good Corps. We will further promote efforts to support people involved in social action.
Contents of Good Corps Benefits
The following benefits are available for those who participate in the “Good Team” that supports crowdfunding with donations other than money.
1. Free workcation for one week at CO Blue Center, an environmental problem-solving complex (simple accommodation + coworking space use) 2. Individual consultation on crowdfunding titles and catchphrases (online meeting)
-Conditions for using benefits-
・Participating in the Good Team
Click here to join the Good Corps: Click here for the Good Corps briefing (12/19.19: 00-20: 00 online free):
*Benefits are subject to change or end without notice.
Comment from the representative of Good Squad Special Advisor “CO Blue Center” [Image 2

nice to meet you! I’m Michiya Higashiyama, and I’m appointed as a special advisor to Good Team.
I started a wedding production business 10 years ago in the local area of ​​Ise-Shima, and for the past few years I have been working on a regional revitalization project to accelerate social business. Its main role is to support young people to launch businesses, create a comfortable working environment for start-up companies, and promote collaboration among people with the same intention.
I hope that the region will have a presence and the world will need human resources and technology.
I strongly sympathize with For Good’s efforts, and I hope that my wisdom and experience can be of use to everyone.
Let’s create a better society!
■ Details of CO Blue Center
Name: CO Blue Center
Representative: Michiya Higashiyama
Location: 2920 Kokufu, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture 517-0506 Operated by: REP Inc.
Press release:
[Table 2: ]

Borderless Japan Co., Ltd.
Crowdfunding “For Good” with 0 yen publication fee
Mail: contact (please include @)
-Borderless Japan Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
Established: March 2007
Head office: Yaesu Ichigaya Building 6F, 2-17 Ichiyatacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Capital: 10 million yen
Representative: Kazunari Taguchi, President and Representative Director
Details about this release:

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