Felidencia Capital Co., Ltd. SK Honpo, 10K resolution water washable resin is born!

Felidencia Capital Co., Ltd.
SK Honpo, 10K resolution water washable resin is born!
We have developed a new resin aiming for higher definition and higher precision output.

3D printer SK Honpo (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Sho Osawa, hereinafter referred to as SK Honpo), which mainly handles 3D printers for home and business use, has released a new version of the standard product “SK Washable Resin”, which is very popular with
stereolithography machines. We have developed a product, “SK10K Washable Resin”.
About “SK10K Washable Resin”
SK10K water washable resin is a resin that enables high-definition output that exceeds the accuracy of the currently available SK water washable resin [8K compatible]. Thin parts can be output firmly, it is resistant to warping, and the exposure time is even shorter than conventional resin.
Pre-sales for this product will begin in the evening of December 26th today, and shipping will begin sequentially around February 2023. [Imaged76458-14-a69fbf35897c6e0591c0-0.jpg&s3=76458-14-3c023765884b517117fc9639df088535-1000x1000.jpg
SK10K washable resin
In addition, we plan to include a limited number of SK10K washable resin as a tester product in the lucky bag scheduled to be released on December 27th.
Sales price (tax included): 5,200 yen for 500g, 9,400 yen for 1kg (commemorative price at the start of sales)
List price (tax included): 500g 7,400 yen, 1kg 12,800 yen
Product URL: https://skhonpo.com/products/sk10k-waterwashableresin ■ Store overview
Store name: 3D printer SK Honpo
Representative: Representative Sho Osawa
Location: Ebisu Verso Building 2F, 1-11-13 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022
URL: https://skhonpo.com/
Official LINE: https://page.line.me/910yizaj?openQrModal=true Details about this release:


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