Felissimo Co., Ltd. Felissimo “am&be” introduces a “stretching cord magnetic necklace” with sparkling natural stones that improves stiff shoulders while being fashionable

Felissimo Inc.
Felissimo “am&be” introduces a “stretching cord magnetic necklace” with shining natural stones on the chest to improve stiff shoulders while being fashionable
Magnets to improve stiff shoulders and the power of natural stones to protect
The brand “am&be [Ambi]” developed by Felissimo, which proposes natural antique interiors and miscellaneous goods for a comfortable and gorgeous life, will start selling online “Magnetic necklace with a stretchable cord that improves stiff shoulders! Shining natural stones” on November 21. starting from the day. A magnetic necklace that can prevent stiff shoulders while being fashionable. The linen cord has a design that sparkles with expressive natural stones. It is easy to wear and can be coordinated with a wide range of styles, from casual to casual outings. There are 4 types of designs:
carnelian–amazonite–crystal–rose quartz-. Natural stones do not have the same color and shape, so you can enjoy each expression. The stone language that is included in the natural stone is also wonderful. You can also enjoy choosing which one to wear according to your mood and style of the day.
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