First in Japan “Ending Tech Chaos Map 2022 Edition” released

andforus Co., Ltd.
[First in Japan] “Ending Tech Chaos Map 2022 Edition” released List of services of ending business (end-of-life, funeral,
inheritance, etc.) using technology

Andforus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shun Shibata) announces “Ending Tech Chaos Map 2022 Edition”, which summarizes the services of ending business
(end-of-life, funeral, inheritance, etc.) using technology in Japan. ” was released for the first time* in Japan. (*In-house research) [Image ■ History of chaos map creation
While the digitalization of society is progressing, there are still many conventional and analog services in the ending business in Japan, and the burden of end-of-life activities, funerals, inheritance procedures for bereaved families, etc. is becoming a big burden. In Japan, which has become a super-aged society, the number of annual deaths is expected to continue to increase, and efforts to reduce the burden are required.
Against this backdrop, in the ending industry in recent years, various services that aim to solve problems using the power of technology are beginning to emerge. In order to get a bird’s-eye view of the flow of “ending business x technology” in line with the times, we created the first chaos map in the ending industry.
Due to the aging of the baby boomer generation, it is said that around 2040, an unprecedented “high-death society” will arrive. We hope that you will use this chaos map to prepare for such a near future. ■ Ending Tech Chaos Map Posting Criteria
At andforus Co., Ltd., Ending Tech is an abbreviation of Ending Business × Technology, which refers to trying to change industry issues in the ending area and conventional business practices, contributing to the creation of new values ​​and mechanisms. We have classified and posted the companies and services that exist. This chaos map was created by Andforus Co., Ltd. in 2022 through an independent survey. It does not guarantee completeness or accuracy. If there is a problem with the posting, if you would like to make corrections, or if you would like a new posting, please contact us at (
If you wish to quote or use this data in part, please be sure to contact us at the email address below. Also, please cooperate with linking with the notation “Researched by Andforus Co., Ltd.” ■ Inquiries
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Representative: Shun Shibata
Date of establishment: September 28, 2021
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Tokyo Startup Gateway Semifinalist sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Government [Service overview]
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