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First time in Tokyo! Happiness to be able to eat dashi rolls from Kyoto’s long-established “Daitokuji Saikiya” at the end of the year! ! It is also recommended as a dish for New Year dishes.

Saikiya Co., Ltd.
First time in Tokyo! Happiness to be able to eat dashi rolls from Kyoto’s long-established “Daitokuji Saikiya” at the end of the year! ! It is also recommended as a dish for New Year dishes.
Kyoto “Daitokuji Saikiya”, which opened a permanent store in Ginza Mitsukoshi in October 2022, will open for a limited time in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi from December 21st.

Founded in 1933, the long-established Kyoto cuisine and caterer “Daitokuji Saikiya” (head office: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture / representative: Noboru Saiki) will open a permanent store on the second basement floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi on October 1, 2022. did. From December 21 (Wednesday) to 31 (Saturday), it will also be sold at the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store for a limited time.
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First of all, please try our dashimaki tamago.
[Image 2d112026-1-f068180531312f7ab639-1.jpg&s3=112026-1-7081e77da532b8c784f0b6ac176f25af-2000x1331.jpg
The dashimaki tamago (765 yen including tax per pack) is synonymous with Saikiya.
The secret lies in the flavor of the dashi and the ratio of the dashi to the egg.
The dashi is an exquisite blend of kombu, bonito, urume, and mackerel. It has a very strong umami flavor, and the aroma only stands out when it cools down.
And the blending ratio of bare dashi and egg should be noted. A typical dashimaki tamago has a 1:2 ratio of dashi:egg, but Saikiya’s is a whopping 1:1!
Actually, this is the same ratio as egg tofu, and it’s just the right amount to keep the shape of tamagoyaki.
Of course, it’s not something that anyone can easily make, and it’s only the craftsmen who have undergone repeated training that can create a taste that doesn’t change every day.
[Image 3d112026-1-ab3b8e68a4ff10e99d4c-2.jpg&s3=112026-1-8c92a702935710064ddf77d28291ab66-2000x1331.jpg
[Image 4d112026-1-8a77f30567d27352d202-3.jpg&s3=112026-1-745e9a549ff19b1d475238f5abb8192d-2000x1331.jpg
Because it contains plenty of dashi, it remains fluffy even when it cools down. Please enjoy the taste of authentic Kyoto at home.
This year, it will be sold at Ginza Mitsukoshi and Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store for a limited time!
Every year, at the end of the year, we received many orders from people living in the Kanto region who wanted to add them to their New Year dishes. Available at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store for a limited time only. Please enjoy the same freshly made taste as the main store in Kyoto.
Since it can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 days from the date of purchase, it is also recommended as a dish for New Year’s dishes. We also have a variety of lunch boxes.
[Image 5d112026-1-67b2b10b27a052cd749f-4.jpg&s3=112026-1-6cd931ce80250a95dc0739aaec831d0b-2508x1671.jpg
In addition to dashi rolls, we also offer a variety of lunch boxes. We recommend the firm and fatty mackerel sushi, a popular item that produces 120,000 a year.
In addition to the mackerel sushi bento (2,160 yen including tax), we also recommend the mackerel sushi dashimaki bento (1,404 yen including tax) that comes with the dashimaki in the photo.
In addition, we also have a set with gomoku inarizushi and eel, seasonal oyster rolls, and various gifts.
[Image 6d112026-1-51433f665a732e410b11-10.png&s3=112026-1-a1be3b92a88fe9e11fd2d7bbeae6ecc5-650x650.png

New standard! ? DTKG (Dashi Rolled Tamagokake Gohan), which is not TKG, is delicious!

[Image 7d112026-1-37a330ee4101c5d0912b-12.jpg&s3=112026-1-bedc4b0207563020c90a3be0383a2e9f-2000x1331.jpg
Here’s a suggestion for a new way to eat.
If you’re tired of New Year’s treats, we recommend a bowl of rice topped with freshly cooked dashi-rolled omelet that you can make in seconds!
This is still one of my favorite foods that President Saiki has been eating as a snack since he was a child.
How to make it…
It’s as easy as putting a few slices of dashimaki tamago (cold is recommended) on top of rice and lightly pouring soy sauce over it. When you eat it with hot rice, the aroma of dashi rolls will disappear from your nose.
“If you use chopsticks to break up the dashi roll and mix it with rice, it will taste like an instant egg bowl,” says President Saiki. Please try this too.
Dashi roll sandwich is also a special taste!
[Image 8d112026-1-728e18f267aa0b8797da-7.jpg&s3=112026-1-5a27d220f2ee5d1df0518c866b2213d2-2000x1331.jpg
For those who prefer bread, we recommend the egg sandwich using dashi rolls. When it comes to egg sandwiches, the most common one is a boiled egg flavored with mayonnaise and sandwiched between bread. In fact, this is a familiar dish in the Kansai region.
How about a luxurious dashimaki tamago sandwich topped with donto dashimaki instead of the thick omelet?
Spread ketchup on one side of the bread and tartar sauce (or mayonnaise if you don’t have one) on the other side.
When you take a bite, the umami, saltiness, sweetness, and sourness of the dashimaki, ketchup, and mayonnaise melt together, creating a taste that will leave you lingering.
The contrast between the yellow cross section and the bread is beautiful, and although it is simple, it is a dish that is both happy and uplifting.
More about Daitokuji Saikiya
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Founded in 1933. Enjoy the relaxing taste of Kyoto with the scents of the four seasons.
We also accept orders for catering. Please see our website for details. ◆Sales start date at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi:
From Wednesday, December 21, 2022 to Saturday, December 31, 2022 ◆Please see the website for other special events.
*Sales will end as soon as the stock runs out.
*Products sold may differ depending on the store.
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