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Fitech Co., Ltd. Sapporo Mirai Machizukuri Konwakai donates 500 Fitech fire extinguishing tools to Ukraine

Sapporo Mirai Machizukuri Konwakai donated 500 Fitech fire
extinguishing tools to Ukraine
Fitech donates 500,000 yen and continues to support Ukraine from donation in May 2022

 In November 2022, the “Kengo Kuma Sapporo Mirai Machizukuri Konwakai” donated 500 fire extinguishing tools for throwing Fitech through the Ukrainian Embassy. Fitech Co., Ltd. (Oguchi Town, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director Tominori Hayashi) also donated 500,000 yen to support Ukraine through the “Kengo Kuma Sapporo Future Town
Development Social Gathering.”
Currently, millions of people have been cut off from electricity due to Russian military attacks targeting Ukrainian infrastructure facilities. Because people are forced to live with emergency generators and gas cylinders, fires occur frequently in various places.
On November 30, the Ukrainian Emergency Service revealed that more than 130 fires had broken out in various parts of the country in the past 24 hours. The donation of 500 Fitech throwing fire extinguishing tools and 500,000 yen donated by Fitech Co., Ltd., donated by the “Kengo Kuma Sapporo Mirai Machizukuri Konwakai” through the Ukrainian embassy, ​​will be used to support Ukraine peacefully. It is done for the purpose, and the fire extinguishing equipment for throwing is sent to Ukraine as relief supplies such as winter clothes.
Fitech Co., Ltd. is actively involved in research and development for fire extinguishing technology innovation under the management philosophy of “protecting as many lives as possible from fires and contributing to human society”, and “protecting lives” from fires. We will continue to contribute to society in order to protect as many lives as possible from fires not only in Japan but around the world. In addition, Tominori Hayashi, the representative director of Fitech Co., Ltd., is in a position to act as an advisor to the “Kengo Kuma Sapporo Future Town Development Social Gathering”, and by supporting the war in Ukraine peacefully, he hopes to end the war as soon as possible. hoping.
Kengo Kuma About the Sapporo Future Community Development Forum In 2021, the “Kengo Kuma Sapporo Future Town Development Social Gathering” was launched, led by Kengo Kuma, a world-famous architect and professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo. Many of the buildings that were built for the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics are now due for renewal. It was established with the aim of contributing to the prevention of global warming and creating a sustainable city for the future of Sapporo through wooden buildings with enhanced design and functionality.
About Fitech Co., Ltd.
Fitech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of fire-fighting chemical products in Aichi Prefecture. We have a track record of business development not only in Japan but also in 48 countries overseas, and develop, manufacture and sell fire extinguishing agents and fire extinguishing tools.
Our major products for consumers include “Fire extinguisher Fitech for throwing”, “Fire extinguisher for tempura oil just put in the box” and “Commercial fire extinguishing spray Flying Jet”.
In addition, there are extinguishing agents for fire engines, extinguishing agents for metal fires, and extinguishing agent “Forest Defender” to prevent the spread of damage such as the release of carbon dioxide and depletion of forest resources caused by forest fires. In addition, we are also focusing on the development of materials and equipment such as the fire extinguisher injection batch counter system FEI (Fitech Easy Injection) for helicopters. It is also used for extinguishing forest fires.
Fitech’s greatest strength is its ability to develop fire
extinguishing agents, and we develop unique, unique fire extinguishing agents.
“Membership of professional institutions”
(Company) All Japan Fire Equipment Dealers Association
Japan Forestry Promotion Association Forest Fire Prevention Association Toyota City Central Ethics Association
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