Flextech Co., Ltd. Cloud storage “TeraBox” surpasses 100 million registered users worldwide!

Flextech Co., Ltd.
Cloud storage “TeraBox” surpasses 100 million registered users worldwide! ~ If you log in to the app every day, you might get gorgeous prizes such as an iPad! ? ~

The cloud storage “TeraBox” (iOS, Android version) provided by Flextech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuto Sueki) has 100 million registered users worldwide. We will inform you that you have passed (*). * Our research (total of Android and iOS versions)
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With our daily gratitude, the “Gold Center” where you can win luxurious prizes is now available! Earn Gold by logging in to the app every day and inviting friends! In addition, Gold can be exchanged for luxury prizes such as iPads and TeraBox Premium. Tap the “Campaign” button from the settings screen in the upper left of the app, check the details from the “Gold Center”, and be sure to get the prize. In addition, TeraBox has acquired ISO27001 certification, an international standard for information security management systems (ISMS) for protecting and effectively utilizing various information assets. In addition, we have acquired the standards “ISO27018” and “ISO27701” that focus on the protection of personal information. We will continue to provide highly reliable services to our users. [Image 2d79629-19-5e6bbe1ec3341f27f72a-1.jpg&s3=79629-19-eb9a213c9a992b76704bfe595a03bc8c-1281x650.jpg
[Image 3d79629-19-ee5b3a4170594e17ca10-2.jpg&s3=79629-19-1e5dff17ac2d2d3c037884d9e1f291b5-1281x650.jpg
[Image 4d79629-19-f5527a0833716a80fb48-3.png&s3=79629-19-881e3a27bcbf12362733985ef2f26ee8-1281x650.png
■ About TeraBox
A large-capacity cloud storage service for individuals that boasts 100 million registered users worldwide (*) and can use 1TB (1024GB) free of charge. Deployed in 214 countries and regions, it is possible to automatically save data and memorable photos that cannot be saved on the device at hand to TeraBox.
* As of December 2022, according to our research (total of Android and iOS versions)
iOS version: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1509453185
Android version https://reurl.cc/NA5LVx
Official site https://www.flextech.co.jp/services/terabox.html Official Twitter https://twitter.com/terabox_japan?s=11
■ Flextech Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Location: 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yuto Sueki, President and Representative Director URL: https://www.flextech.co.jp/
Business description: TeraBox operation / AI / business solution provider

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